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The 10 Best Winter Destinations to Escape the Cold

Although some people absolutely love the winter season, like playing in the snow or going skiing for example, others hate the cold. Luckily, you can escape the cold and go to a much warmer place somewhere else in the world!

There are plenty of places where you can actually enjoy the sun while it’s cold in your own country. Here are the 10 best winter escapes!


Mexico is the perfect place to go to if you want to escape the cold! During your winter escape here, you get the chance to actually lay on the beach and enjoy the sun instead of freezing at home.

Check out our list of the best beach towns in Mexico you should visit, some of which are undiscovered gems and others more popular with visitors. If you want a truly unique experience you can check out Airbnb’s with private cenotes as well!

top 10 winter escapes mexico
Riviera Maya, Playa Del Carmen

If you want to actually do something during your getaway, you could always go to Mexico city! This city is the capital of Mexico and it has plenty of amazing highlights you can visit.

Try the Frida Kahlo Museum, Museo Nacional de Antropología or go shopping in one of the many markets. You can also dine in some of the best restaurants in the world here.

The Caribbean

Another obvious choice for a winter escape is the Caribbean of course. Here you can lay in the sun on one of the many beautiful, white-sand beaches. The waters in the Caribbean have a stunning turquoise color and are perfect for swimming during your holiday!

Some popular winter getaways in the Caribbean to consider include Cuba, Dominican Republic, Jamaica, St Lucia, St Maarten, Barbados, Bahamas and Antigua & Barbuda.

top 10 winter escapes caribbean
Antigua and Barbuda

There’s plenty of things you can do in the Caribbean as well. Many beaches offer their visitors activities like sailing, scuba, snorkeling, and scuba diving for example.

Of course, there are fun activities at the resorts as well, like tennis or golf for example. In the evening, you can go to the beach and watch the stunning sunset.


Egypt is perfect if you want to escape the cold weather and love history! Especially if you have always wanted to visit Egypt, you should definitely go there this winter.

The temperatures in Egypt are quite hot and in the summer it’s almost unbearable for tourists to visit the highlights. The weather will be so hot by then that you’ll just want to relax in the pool and do nothing, a good resort town to find amazing places to stay is Sharm El-Sheikh on the Red Sea.

top 10 winter escapes egypt
Sharm El-Sheikh

When you go to Egypt, you get the chance to pay a visit to some of the impressive pyramids. You can also go to the Nile or discover the Ancient Egyptian Empire!

Of course, you could also stay at the hotel or resort and relax. Most hotels will have amazing pools for you to swim in or go to the beach if you want to go sunbathing!


Dubai is an amazing place that everyone should visit at least once in their lifetime! Did you know that the tourist season here actually takes place during the winter months?

The temperatures of this emirate are simply too high during the summer for tourists to be able to see much of the city. That’s why this is the perfect winter escape!

top 10 winter escapes dubai

In Dubai, there are plenty of impressive highlights you can visit. You can go to the tallest building in the world called the Burj Khalifa for example.

The city also has numerous malls and stores where you can go shopping. Dubai also contains some of the most luxurious resorts in the world so make sure you pick the best resort to stay at!


Another place that’s the perfect escape from the winter cold is India of course. If you want a relaxing vacation, you can go to one of the many beaches in India and soak up the sun. the temperatures here are really pleasant during this time of the year, which is perfect if you can’t take too much heat.

best winter escapes india
Palolem Beach, Goa

You can also visit some of the cities or villages in India if you want to be more active. Visit New Delhi or Bombay for example.

There are plenty of fun markets you could visit and the food here is amazing! If you want to visit one of the wonders of the world, you should definitely visit the Taj Mahal in India!

Cape Verde

Cape Vrde is the perfect place to go to if you love going to the beach and swimming. The country consists of 10 islands which are all equally beautiful so there’s plenty of choices!

Cape Verde is especially perfect for you if you love surfing because the waters and the wind here are recommended for this sport.

best winter escapes cape verde

There’s plenty of other things you can do besides surfing as well. You could go snorkeling or diving for example, although you can sunbathe on the beach as well if you want to relax during your winter escape.

You can also take a tour bus and go on a sightseeing tour in Cape Verde if you want to do more than simply spend your time at the beach!


Another place where you can enjoy the warm weather is Namibia in Africa. You will definitely be able to enjoy the sun here and there are so many things you can do as well! The winter time is perfect for taking a safari for example, because it won’t be as hot as during the summer.

best winter escapes namibia

During your safari, you will get the chance to see animals like elephants, leopards and even lions! You could also go to a nature reserve if you want to, where you can see some of the wildlife of the country at your own pace. If you want to learn more, visit the National Museum of Namibia or pay a visit to the Christuskirche.

Bangkok, Thailand

Thailand is another country where the weather is still warm during the winter and the perfect place to go to is Bangkok. This city is actually perfect to visit during the wintertime, because the weather is still nice, but the monsoon season has already ended by then.

best winter escapes bangkok

Bangkok is a massive city so be sure to plan enough days there. You can go for one of the many tour options or explore the city on your own if you’d like. Visit some of the temples and food markets for example. You can book a long-tail boat as well to visit the canals of the city too!

San Juan, Puerto Rico

Do you love going to the beach as well as learning more about history? Then you should go to San Juan in Puerto Rico as your winter escape this year. The city is located by the Caribbean sea, which makes it the perfect city trip if you want to sunbathe and go swimming in the ocean.

best winter escapes san juan

In the city itself there are numerous amazing highlights you can visit. Go to a historical attraction like Castillo San Felipe del Morro for example or try one of the amazing restaurants. There are also plenty of fun boutiques to visit so pack lightly on your way there!


Lastly, Bali is an obvious choice for the perfect winter escape. In this country, you will find plenty of luxurious all-inclusive resorts, which is the perfect place to go to if you truly want to relax this winter.

jungle pools of bali

There’s plenty of things you can do in Bali as well. You could rend a scooter for example and explore the rest of the island. Bali has so many stunning nature spots that you should definitely visit during your stay there! Try some of the food too as it is quite cheap and absolutely delicious!

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