10 Things to do This Summer in Scandinavia

Nordic countries are normally popular destinations during the winter. However, summers in these beautiful countries are just as fun and spectacular. Here are the best things to do this summer in Scandinavia if you plan to head there.

10. Try to Sleep in Lapland

There is a phenomenon known as the Midnight Sun in the far northern parts of these countries, in Lapland in Finland the sun doesn’t set for around 2 months of the year. The wonderful unspoiled vistas of lush green trees and blossoming valleys with vivid flowers will leave you in awe. You can rent a cottage where you can enjoy the Finnish sun 24/7 if you’re up for that.

lapland Photo from Visit Finland

Photo from Visit Finland

9. Go Hiking on the Faroe Islands

The summer are mild here on these Danish islands off the northern coast of Scotland. The landscapes are dramatic and visitors come here to find peace among these magical islands. It’s an ideal place for hikers, those looking for serenity and excellent views. You can also see the unique Faroe Sheep. The name Faeroe itself is thought to mean “Sheep Islands.”

Jean-Marie Muggianu

8. Staycate on the Danish Coast

Take it easy like the locals on some sandy beaches, swim or cycle the coastline, the summer is full of pleasant weather! The locals are very friendly here and you won’t find too many vacationers here, so no crowded places.

Jonatan Søgaard

7. Surf Like a Finn

Not something you would expect from Finland, but the southern coast here attracts surfers from all over Finland and Scandinavia. There are some excellent waves here, allowing the perfect place for windsurfing, surfing and all kinds of water sports.

surf Photo from Visit Finland

Photo from Visit Finland

surfing Photo from Isasurf

Photo from Isasurf

6. Go Island Hopping in Lofoten

One of the most spectacular archipelagos the world has to offer, it even boasts coral reefs – which is unusual for this part of the world. Other than the incredible and rugged staggering nature landscapes, Lofoten is also dotted with quaint Norwegian fishing villages.

lofoten Photo from Norway Nordicvisitor

Photo from Norway Nordicvisitor

5. Drive Around the Ring Road

Perhaps one of the most scenic drives in the world, this road circles around the whole island and is one of the most popular things to do here. Along the way you will see some of the most famous locations in Iceland. The best way is to rent a car and take the journey at your own pace, you can camp or find hotels along the way that overlook the stunning coast.

4. Immerse Yourself in Copenhagen Culture

There are many interesting festivals and events during the summer in the captial of Denmark. From food and music festivals, theater performances and the Color Run Race, most of which are free to attend. It’s also a great place just to stroll along the streets and marvel at the colorful buildings in the summer sun.

copenhagen Photo from Scandinavia Standard

Photo from Scandinavia Standard

3. Spend a Weekend in Gotland

This famous island in Sweden has some ancient UNESCO protected medieval architecture. It’s one of the most popular summer destinations by locals and will surely provide a great day trip from the hustle and bustle of Stockholm. The beaches aren’t the nicest but the dramatic landscape and ancient buildings will leave you impressed.

2. Cruise Through the Fjords

Summer is the best time to visit Norway’s awe-inspiring fjords, the best way to do this is on a cruise. Various tours will take you around the coast and deep into the fjords. Truly an unforgettable trip, givinng you the opportunity to experience the majesty of this beautiful country.

1. Take a Photo on Trolltunga

One of the most iconic photo spots on the planet, and arguably the most famous landmark in Norway. You can’t travel to Scandinavia without risking your life to take a photo on this “tongue” made of rock.

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