16 Signs You Need to Quit Your Job and Travel the World

1. You’re reading this article, so you’re already considering it

2. The most cultural experience you had in the past year was Chinese takeout

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3. You’re sick of seeing your friends travel photos and updates on Social Media

4. There are no stamps in your passport

5. You absolutely hate your job

6. Your clothes have traveled further than you


7. You find yourself checking flight deals and discounts constantly

8. You have a list of many countries you want to visit but no idea where to start

9. Your bucket list grows bigger every day


10. You’re so bored of keeping track of what day it is.


11. You like all the lame travel quotes and memes we post on our Facebook page.


12. You’re getting older every day

13. During your breaks you’re always trying to find a job that allows you to travel


14. Your phone is full of travel apps that you never use

15. You always keep your bags packed just in case.

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16. You’re scared of a mortgage, kids and being stuck in a career

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