20+ Awesome Travel Inspired Tattoo Ideas

1. World Flag Puzzle Pieces

2. Wanderlust Tattoos

The most cliche travel tattoo you can get.

Victoria Zarecneva – Latvia

3. Passport Stamp Tattoos

If you’re not brave enough to have permanent stamps on your body, consider getting them on your phone case instead.

4. Every World Flag All Over Your Body

The most intense travel tattoo you can get, all 195+ country flags from around the world on every inch of your body.

6. Co-ordinates


Thábita Ojana – Brazil

8. Earth

Via: nerdymatch_ink
Pia – Slovenia

9. Travel Signpost

10. World Map

Via: Xanthia Gabrielle

11. Airplanes

Via: piccsy 

12. Landmark tattoos

“After the ascent to Mt Rinjani (3726m) in Lombok, Bali, I got this tattoo with the outlines of the mountain with my two friends.” – Tina Specowius

13. Color In Tattoos

World map tattoo back

14.  Tattoos in a Language You Can’t Read

15. Hearbeat Tattoo

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