5 Travel Planning Services That Are Changing the Tourist Industry Forever

Like no other time in history, it’s now possible to travel to the other side of the world in a mere couple of hours using just your smartphone. Never before has this been a possibility for the human race, and we truly live in an amazing and connected time.

However, even with the world being at our fingertips, it can be stressful and overwhelming actually to book a trip. Whether you’re deciding where you want to go, how to get to your dream destination, or what you’re actually going to do when you’re there, there are a lot of decisions to be made.

Nevertheless, there are plenty of services that are here to help. Today, we’re going to explore five of the most up-and-coming travel planning services to help you plan and organize the holiday of a lifetime.

#1 – Jetsy Weather

Jessy Weather is a comprehensive website designed to help you find out the temperature and weather conditions of locations all over the world, so you can find the perfect destination you’ve been looking for.

Looking for somewhere warm to go in the winter, or would you rather find yourself in an authentic winter scene filled with snow and Christmas markets? Maybe you’ve only got a limited amount of time off work, and you want to find somewhere that has a ton of sunshine for you to enjoy.

Find out everything you need to know here!

#2 – Visa List

“When you’re traveling to an exotic destination, depending on where you’re from and where you’re traveling to, you may need to get yourself a visa to authorize your visit.

This can take time to process, and there can be a lot of different criteria you need to think about to ensure your application is processed and accepted,” shares Sarah Dunning, a travel blogger for 1Day2Write and Brit Student.

Finding what you need to do can be incredibly confusing, which is why Visa List was invented. Using the regularly updated Visa List, you can figure out exactly what you need to do to ensure your vacation can actually happen.

#3 – Eighty Days

While you’re traveling, many of you will want to have an idea of what you’re going to be doing while you’re out and about.

Without a plan, it’s easy to waste your days and come back without having achieved anything or having ticked anything off your bucket list.

Eighty Days is a service designed to help you manage, design, and create your own comprehensive travel itineraries. This can help you plan everything from the destinations you’re traveling to to the activities you’ll be partaking in in each place.

Not only can this help you get organized, but it will also help you save money, be efficient with your travel plans and optimize how you’re spending your time.

#4 – Great Escape

Great Escape is an increasingly popular online tool designed to help you maximize every aspect of your trip that combines the technology and features of a ton of other services and puts them all into one easily accessible place.

“The service scans all flight networks, including CheapFlights, Kayak, and Skyscanner, and allows you to search where you want to fly from and too and the dates.

You can then compare prices and find the best service for you,” explains Nick Hardy, a travel writer, and blogger for Australia2Write and WriteMYX.

What’s more, if you’re not sure where you want to go, simply click the ‘Anywhere’ button to be shown affordable flights and travel services to a destination you may never have considered; possibly even discovering a new favorite!

#5 – My Travel Personality

If you’re looking for a complete start-to-finish travel experience that not only helps you organize the journey of a lifetime over and over again, but also offers personalized suggestions and recommendations that are custom-designed for you, My Travel Personality could be perfect for you.

After creating your profile, you’ll be able to choose flights, how many travelers in your party, how long you’re going for and where you’re going.

After entering this basic information, the website will automatically start to form your personality which it will build upon using photos you can like and dislike depending on your personal preferences.

The more you use this website, the more personal it will become to you and the more of a personalized and unique travel experience you’ll be able to enjoy.

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