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5 Ways To Travel In Style

The allure of celebrities getting off at the airport looking like blessed holy water is pretty real.  People all around the world romanticize the chic airport attire, paparazzi clicking every second, and an icon stepping out looking like a complete goddess!

The airport might have a runway but for mere mortals like us, it’s all for the plane. No hidden cameras, no crazy fans or paparazzi would be waiting for us to step off the plane and be captured in couture.

All we have to do is sit in one crammed-up space for hours just staring at the clock and it can get really uncomfortable when you don’t have the right kind of outfit on.

Traveling is challenging enough already with all the packing, taking care of luggage, and extreme jet lag but an uncomfortable outfit can make it all worse.

Your comfort should always come first while traveling and it is not hard to look stylish yet relaxed while you’re on the road! So here are a few tips to guide you through it;

1. Dressing for the Heatwave

Putting together a summer traveling outfit is pretty fun since you get a lot of fun options to choose from. A soft T-Shirt that’s a little loose, some gorgeous denim and funky sneakers/joggers are all you need for your main summer attire. You can pretty it up with sunglasses, handbags, and a braided hairstyle.

If you are not in the mood for wearing jeans, since many people start sweating from their thighs and legs first, you can try a crop top with shorts or a skirt and some sandals.

You can swatch the crop top and skirt with a gorgeous sundress to let you feel a little more comfortable if that’s what you prefer. Pick colors like lavender, yellow, orange, and blue to brighten everything up.

Make sure you wear clothes that you can also reuse during your trip and not just once, that’ll be wasted dead space in the luggage later on.

2. Winter Bells

Thinking of winter makes you want to get cozy in a blanket with a cup of tea and sit in front of the fireplace all day long reading your favorite book. But when you have to travel, you can’t wear a big fluffy fur coat and be squashed in your seat for the sake of fashion.

You want to look stylish while traveling in clothes that will keep you warm. In such situations, layering can be your best friend. Instead of wearing one huge fur coat, try wearing 2-3 good-quality sweaters. A baggie hoodie is definitely in style now that you can pair it up with comfortable denim and sneakers.

If the street style is not what you’re looking for and need something elegant, a jacket or a cardigan with dress pants, all covered with a fitted coat can win you extra style points. Pair these up with stylish bags and you’re good to go.

Make sure to wear and pack only the shoes you are comfortable in, especially during a long trip. Traveling isn’t the time to experiment with footwear since that wears 50% of your comfort lies.

3. Color coordination while packing

Packing is the real game changer and it helps when you color coordinate in three different themes. This way you can mix and match the colors to create a whole new outfit on the go and save yourself a lot of luggage space. Now the question is, how do you know which colors to pick the answer is pretty simple.

It all depends on where you’re going and what time of the year it is. If it’s summer, pick all the cool and light colors. If it is fall, deep dark, warm tones will look perfect and an online boutique could help you out in choosing what you want.

If you’re heading to Paris or some romantic, artful destination, black, white, charcoal, burgundy, white, and dusty green are the colors that will do you good. If it’s a beach vacation, go crazy on the colors and make sure you pick beautiful floral prints, orange, and yellow, and variations of pink and red always do the trick.

4. Pack Smart

Apart from the clothes, there are two things that take up the most space in your luggage and you never really use them all… shoes and accessories! To save space in your suitcase, you don’t need to pair accessories and shoes with each outfit. If you can mix and match the clothes, you can do that with shoes and extras too!

For shoes, if you think about it, you never really need more than three pairs. Rather than trying to pack for every occasion, pick sandals or sneakers for daytime when you’d be strolling and discovering the city.

If you plan on having a romantic date with a loved one, pack heels with a more common color like cream or black so it goes with more than one dress.

To pick out accessories, pack the colors that go with everything, commonly silver, white, and gold. If you already have an outfit in mind for a very special occasion, pack the jewelry and use some of the pieces from that look and incorporate it into another.

5. Dress Messy, Pack classy

Dressing up in gym attire has gotten very famous lately. Many celebrities are seen traveling in their exercise gear with one or two major accessories like stylish bags and shoes.

Gym clothes are extremely comfortable, especially for long trips that require a lot of sitting and waiting.

Leggings, baggy hoodies, jackets, tank tops, and track pants with sneakers make for a killer outfit. “Less is more” has never been as accurate as it is now!

Even if you don’t plan on doing something special on your trip, pack one special sexy little dress anyway. You never know when you might need it.

Make sure the dress isn’t heavy and bulky but a light simple dress is enough that you can glam up with statement jewelry.

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