8 Best Road Trip Destinations in the USA if You’re on a Budget 

A road trip entails things like camping and sightseeing. And it’s not only for wealthy people. It is possible to find affordable destinations in the USA; you only need to avoid attractions or places like restaurants which are expensive. There are several amazing USA road trip destinations that you can consider when you are on a budget. Each of those destinations has great opportunities for affordable or even free camping and sightseeing. 

1. Columbia River Highway

Found in Oregon, you will view bridges, mountains, waterfalls, and rivers as you move around Columbia River. There is also plenty of amazing wildlife and fascinations like Horsetail Falls and Multnomah which are free.

With best road trip cars it is possible to complete this amazing adventure within a day.

2. Route 66

This top gear ultimate road trip in the middle of the US encompasses moving around the remains of the historical path. Between 1926 and 1985, the path sneaked its way almost two thousand five hundred miles from Chicago to Los Angeles. Anyone who is eager can explore the entire highway if the present paths permit.

3. Mt. Washington Auto Road

Located in New Hampshire, this mountain is popular for altering clouds and climate patterns, thus bringing amazing sky views. This road trip should be completed within a single day since there are no places for people to sleep. So, ensure to carry all the road trip essentials in your car.

4. Black River Forest

Based in Michigan, it dates back to the 1800s and currently offers an amazing opportunity to see waterfalls and the Ottawa forest. This road trip can also be completed within one day. It has so many stops at hiking areas, waterfalls, swimming places and ski resorts where you can enjoy some of the Book of Ra games and other offers.

5. Route 100

This destination links the most skiing spots of Vermont. Besides skiing, this road trip offers many sights. They include best driving roads, amazing foliage, beautiful spring flowers and stops at rivers, lands and camping places.

6. Route 1

The path stretches from Maine to the Florida Keys. There are many adventurous opportunities during this road trip. It is less than five hundred miles; one may complete it in 2 or 3 days. There are great coastline views to enjoy.

7. Pacific Coast Highway One

Found in California, you will have a chance to watch whales, sea lions and enjoy wonderful lookout places like Bixby Bridge and Point Sur on your road trip holidays.

The path is just twenty-four miles so people can complete this road trip in a single day.

8. Hana Highway

Found in Hawaii, there are forests and canyons to see during this affordable route. The trip can also take one day unless one chooses to camp at the National Park around there. You will only need to pay ten dollars entrance fee.

If you often find it overwhelming to spend a lot of money on a road trip in America, we believe you now have a reason to smile. Which of these destinations impressed you? Write to us and feel free to ask any questions.

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