8 Features to Look For When Choosing The Right Camper Cover

The pristine condition and longevity of your caravan will highly rely on your camper cover of choice. Hence, you should go all out in ensuring that you get the best camper cover for it. Choosing is not as simple as you think as there are numerous factors to consider. You need not worry though as we got you fully covered. In this article, we’d enlist every single feature that you need to consider when looking for a caravan cover. Read carefully, take notes, and enjoy shopping!

What is a caravan cover?

A caravan cover is an important accessory used to shield and protect a caravan. It comes in different sizes, colors, and shapes. It is usually made of the following materials: plastic, polyester, and polypropylene. Caravan covers of premium quality are usually made of polypropylene. 

Why do you need to be careful when choosing a camper cover?

You need to be careful when choosing a camper cover because of the following reasons:

  • it will protect your caravan from different kinds of elements so it needs to be durable
  • it will be close to your caravan for long periods so you need to ensure that it’s not damaging
  • you will use it for years to come so you need to ensure that it is made of premium quality
  • it will help in keeping your caravan in top shape so you need to ensure that it can get the job done
  • they don’t come in cheap so you need to make sure that you give true value to your money
  • it can effectively prevent the premature aging of your caravan
  • it can prevent your caravan from experiencing major damage from external forces
  • it will remove the need for you to have to wash your caravan vigorously
  • it can help you achieve a high resale value for your caravan 
  • they come in different shapes and sizes so you could easily get confused and have your time and energy wasted if you don’t know what you’re looking for

What are the main types of caravan covers? 

The main types of caravan covers are as follows:

  • caravan cover
  • camper cover
  • pop-top cover

8 Features to Look for When Choosing the Right Camper Cover

There are thousands of caravan covers in the market. To make choosing easier for you, look for a cover that has the following features: 

1. Waterproof

It is imperative that you choose a camper cover that is water-resistant. Your camper cover would need to protect your caravan from all kinds of weather so it has to be able to withstand storms and rains. Take note that there is a difference between a waterproof fabric and a water-resistant fabric. Waterproof fabric can completely resist the penetration of water while a water-resistant fabric cannot entirely resist the penetration of water.

2. Breathable materials

You should choose a camper cover that uses breathable materials. This is an important factor because you would want to make sure that there is no mold build-up in any parts of your caravan when it is stored for long periods of time. Polypropylene is a breathable kind of fabric.  

3. Soft inner liner

You also need to ensure that your camper cover of choice has a soft inner liner. Your camper cover will be protecting your caravan for long periods so you have to make sure that nothing in it can cause any damage or breakage to your caravan. A camper cover with a soft inner liner will secure that you won’t have to worry about such instances. 

4. Heavy-duty roof section

A camper cover should have a heavy-duty roof section because it has to be able to withstand nasty weather. A camper cover with a weak roof section will not be reliable in case there is a storm, rain, hail, or snow. This is all the more important if your air conditioner is placed on your caravan roof. 

5. Reinforced stitching

Your camper cover of choice should have reinforced stitching on its corners and its high-wear areas. This will ensure that it can withstand nasty weather that can bring strong winds, immense hail, heavy snow, and massive rain. Your camper cover should not easily give in at the slightest change of weather. To ensure this, your camper cover should have reinforced stitching on critical areas. 

6. Cinching straps

For maximum wind protection, your caravan cover of choice should also have solid cinching straps. You should get a caravan cover with premium cinching straps because it will secure that your cover stays in place even if it’s stored for long periods of time. With cinch straps, your camper cover would remain properly placed even amidst strong winds.

7. Pricing

You should endeavor to look for a premium kind of camper cover as this is for the proper maintenance and protection of your caravan that you have all the intention to use and enjoy for years to come. Skip on cheap caravan covers as such pricing can easily signal that such a product is of low quality and made of weak materials that will not stand the test of time. 

8. Warranty

To give more value to your money, you should look for a camper cover that comes with a warranty. A camper cover warranty usually lasts for three years. Such warranty is to be sought because it would clue you in that the camper cover’s manufacturer is particularly proud and secure of the durability and performance of their camper cover. So much so that they’re brave enough to extend the warranty for up to three years. 

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