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10 Amazing River Landscapes You Must See

Rivers often offer the most beautiful landscapes this world has to offer. With millions of years of carving their way through the earth’s crust, time is truly a thing of beauty.

Here are 10 amazing places with unique landscapes carved out by rivers. Within tens of thousands of rivers in the world, this is in no way a complete list.

10. Nam Ou River, Laos

The most important river in the country has played an enormous role in countries development, trading as well as culture. The 448 km long river boasts amazing scenery, caves, and statues of Buddha along its coast.

nam ou river
nam ou laos
Mario Micklisch

9. The Little River, USA

Situated on a Lookout Mountain in The Little River Canyon National Preserve in Alabama, is apparently the longest mountaintop river in the USA.

The Little River Canyon is the most picture-worthy place featuring cascading waterfalls and rapids, the most beautiful time to visit is in the fall. 

little river falls
LittleRiverCanyon featured 1

8. The Amazon River

The largest and one of the top natural wonders of the world in South America, this is the most famous river in the world and supports one of the most diverse and important ecosystems in the world.

With tributaries flowing through 6 countries until it reaches the Atlantic. The best way to experience the beauty is of course a boat ride. Ecuador and Brazil are two of the most common places for tours.

amazon boatride

7. San Antonio River Walk, USA

One of the most popular destinations in this beautiful Texas city can be found downtown along the San Antonio River.

Take a stroll down the modern boardwalk beside the river, and explore the numerous cafes, restaurants, bars, patios, and shops. 

san antonio river walk

6. Lewis River, USA

A tributary of the Columbia River in Washington about 95 miles long and features some stunning scenery – and no, it’s not named for Lewis of Lewis and Clark fame.

Lower Lewis Falls is the most popular area featuring many stunning cascades. You can reach these by hiking scenic trails at Eagle Cliff Park.

lewis river falls

5. The Ganges, India

Rising from the springs high in the Himalayas, this sacred river travels 2,525 km across Bangladesh and India, emptying into the Bay of Bengal.

Along the way, it passes through some unreal scenery, such as the two rivers Alaknanda and Bhagirathi on the Bangladesh/India border which gives rise to the Ganges.

It’s a lifeline for millions, and sacred to the Hindus, being worshiped as the goddess Ganga.

ganges confluence
The beginning of the Ganges at Alaknanda and Bhagirathi
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Vladimir Varfolomeev

4. The Nile River

The longest river in the world, the Nile flows from the north of Africa all the way down, spanning eleven countries. It’s not just Egypt that has beautiful landscapes, be sure to check out Sudan and Uganda as well.

Of course, the best way to see the Nile is by boat, and there are amazing 9-day river cruises available.

nile river aswan
nile river uganda
The Nile in Uganda. Rod Waddington

3. Hinatuan River, The Philippines

This spectacular natural wonder is located on the popular island of Mindanao. It’s a newer tourist destination, featuring crystal clear blue water, get there while you can before the crowds ruin it!

hinatuan river
hinatuan river 2

2. The Yangtze River, China

The third-longest river in the world and the longest to flow completely within one country, the Yangtze is also the most important river in China, its drainage basin being home to one-third of China’s population.

The massive river features many stunning landscapes, like the Three Gorges, and finally empties into the ocean through Shanghai

yangtze river
oriental pearl tower 415474 1920
The Yangtze River flowing through Shanghai
three gorges

1. Li River, China

One of the most famous and recognizable landscapes in China is the Li River winding its way through the Karst Mountains and the city of Guilin.

This river features one of the most beautiful cruises you can take. The spectacular mountains, vivid green flora, quaint villages, and ancient Chinese fisherman makes this place a surreal experience.

li river karst mountains
photo 1543097692 fa13c6cd8595

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