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The Best Destinations for Digital Nomads

Life as a digital nomad can be an exciting, adventurous, and rewarding one. Fortunately, thanks to advancements in modern technology, more and more people have been able to change their lives and live their dream as digital nomads.

With access to high-speed internet, a wide range of communication methods, and the ability to learn new languages online and with apps, many people have turned their dream into reality.

As a digital nomad, the world is your oyster and you have lots of opportunities to explore while still being able to earn money.

While you have your pick of places to travel to as a digital nomad, there are some destinations that are more suitable than others.

In this article, we will look at some of the top places around the world for digital nomads to explore.

What Are the Top Destinations?

From Thailand and Estonia to Chile and Spain, there are lots of incredible places you can explore as part of your digital nomad lifestyle.

You can look forward to exploring the rich history, immersing yourself in fascinating culture, and taking in some incredible sights. Some of the top places to consider as part of your nomadic adventure are:

Thailand – Chiang Mai

Many digital nomads have sung the praises of this destination over recent years after spending time there. It boasts stunning scenery, great weather, and excellent cuisine, and it is well-connected, making it a great choice for those nomads among us.

In addition, there are lots of recreational activities from having a relaxing massage or spa to enjoying the colorful nightlife. It also boasts affordability, being cheaper than cities in the south such as Bangkok.

Estonia – Tallinn

Over recent years, Tallinn in Estonia has developed a reputation for being one of the leading start-up capitals of the world.

This makes it a great choice for entrepreneurial nomads that want to combine free living with the chance to earn money.

The IT industry here is very healthy, which helps to attract digital nomads. In addition, the cost of living here is very affordable, which adds to the city’s appeal.

When it’s time to relax and step away from the computer, you can soak up the sunshine and stunning scenery on the beaches.

Chile – Santiago

With one of the highest rates of broadband penetration in South America, it is little wonder that many digital nomads are attracted to Chile.

More specifically, Santiago is a big hit with the nomadic, as it has a fabulous vibe, is popular with creatives, and offers a host of things to see and do.

From hiking and water activities to partying and eating out, you will find an eclectic range of ways to pass the time.

In addition, you can get free access to wifi in many venues around here, so you can stay connected with ease. You can enjoy some delicious food here, and make sure you try out the fabulous Chilean wine.

Spain – Valencia

If you love to delve into the past and explore the rich history, you will be thrilled with Valencia in Spain.

This is a wonderful mix of the old and new, as you can spend time exploring the Old Town and soaking up the history while also enjoying modern conveniences and entertainment.

You can also get around with ease on the very reliable metro system, which makes it a breeze to go out and enjoy the delicious cuisine served in one of the numerous cafes and restaurants.

If you need to take some time out, head to one of the stunning beaches to chill for a few hours.

South Africa – Cape Town

Cape Town is one of Africa’s main technical hubs, and this makes it a popular destination among those that want to stay connected but also want to enjoy an adventure. Enjoy the stunning mountain scenery or go for a hike.

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Relax and watch the world go by from outside one of the numerous bistros and cafes. This is a place where you can really de-stress and take time out but is also very well connected digitally, which has led to it becoming known as Silicon Cape!

Best Destinations for Digital Nomads Summary

All these places are ideal for today’s digital nomads, providing a great combination of connectivity and adventure. You can really make the most of your time when you visit these destinations, and you will enjoy a unique experience at every one of them.

Whatever you enjoy doing in your spare time, these are destinations that have something for everyone. So, if you want to release the digital nomad in you, pack up your laptop and start your adventure at one of the fantastic places. 

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