10 Unwritten Yacht Charter Rules that You Should Know

10 Unwritten Charter Yacht Rules That You Should Know

Have you had enough of yacht spotting and want to charter a yacht for yourself? Chartering a yacht is one of the most fun things that you could do to relax, unwind, and recover from all the demands of daily life.

Nothing compares to how calming and liberating sailing can be. It can always easily remind anyone of things that truly matter in life! 

Chartering is enjoyed by many as the activity is always inviting and very hard to resist. As it is loved by many, it has its own brand of culture and going-ons that only those who always sail truly understand. Just like all things, it has unwritten rules that everyone is simply expected to know. 

We’re dedicated to ensuring that you enjoy your yacht chartering experience to the hilt so we’re going to share ten unwritten yacht charter rules to make your experience 100% hassle-free.

This will be very useful for you if it’s your first time chartering a yacht. You should still read on if you’re already a sailing aficionado, as you might have already forgotten a thing or two. Enjoy! 

1. Always obey the law.

The most important matters that you should be fully aware of are laws and regulations pertaining to the sea. Chartering a yacht is not as simple as renting a car. It comes with strict policies and rules that you should always be aware of. You should never forget the following:

a. Rules on shoreline distance – this is important as you can easily physically harm divers or swimmers if you’re not careful. You always need to take note that divers or swimmers could be around at any given moment. They could be deep into the sea so you need to be extra careful. 

b. The importance of license – never sail without a valid license. Your license should be updated and should duly match the yacht that you’re renting.

c. Rules on speed – speeding is never allowed under any circumstance. You should always be extremely careful when entering a port. 

2. Be aware of how fueling works.

Always observe proper manners when your boat is in line for gas. Skip on going for extra errands while you’re in line as you could very well be next at any given moment and you wouldn’t want to offend others who are also waiting.

Always be aware of your tank level. Choose to link up with a yacht charter company that will provide in-house sailing experts that can always go wherever you go so you won’t have to worry about technical matters.

3. Always be ready to help.

You should always treat all sailing boats as your friends. You’d never know when you’d need your help. You’d be amazed at how easy it is to ask for help when at sea.

This is because everyone who’s into sailing knows that all boats are friends. You should always be ready to help at any given time. 

4. Know how to handle your shoes.

Did you know that you’re not supposed to wear your shoes inside when you’re chartering a yacht? It is a big no-no and should be avoided at all times.

This is all the more the case if your chartered yacht is carpeted. The tricky thing here is you will not be warned by the captain. You’re simply expected to know this rule. 

5. Know anchor matters.

Always be aware of the space between your yacht and other boaters. Be mindful once you’ve found a bay and decide to stay on land. It’s hard to know when too close is too close but there is a trick that experts always use.

This is so easy as you won’t need any complicated equipment but your ears. The golden spacing rule with anchored yachts? If you can hear other people talking, then you are definitely dangerously close. 

6. Be mindful of boat party rules.

You should never forget to observe basic rules when partying on a boat. Respect other boats by always remembering that other people opted to sail because they want to relax.

There should never be too much noise. This is also the case with other sea creatures. Be respectful as sea creatures don’t particularly have to party as part of their daily routine. Always be mindful that you’re partying in their sacred habitat. 

7. Always choose to be green.

When making decisions, always choose sustainable options. Buy in bulk to avoid using too much plastic. Aim to reduce your trash and always observe proper waste disposal.

Always clean up after yourself. When you’ve reached an untouched spot, leave everything as is. Others will do that too, and future generations will ever be thankful for you.

8. Special rules on fishing and diving.

Be aware of endangered species in the area. Know that you’re prohibited from exploiting national parks. Know the list of protected spots in your area.

You should leave shells unbothered and untouched at all times. Always return protected species when you chance upon them while fishing.  

9. Have a plan.

Know your priorities. Don’t waste fuel (and money!) by needlessly sailing from one place to another without any goal whatsoever. It can be fun for a day or two but it can cause convenience for people that follow strict schedules and holidays.

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10. Know when not to stick to your plan.

Have a plan but always be ready to listen to experts and locals. They know more than you do. If you chance upon a rare experience, drop all your plans and ensure that you don’t miss it.

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