Climbing the “Peak of Shanghai” Was An Idea I’ve Had For A While, So I Finally Did It

I guess as any human being I have this simple need for adventure. Going to the unknown and testing my own limits. It’s simple for me — it doesn’t matter if it’s the tallest building in the city, what matters is the building’s (or structure’s) complexity and beauty.

I do it because of the pure joy that it gives to me and because it’s the cheapest way to get a solid dose of adrenaline. In a big city such as Shanghai, it’s hard to find a sacred place where you can just relax.

For me, it’s a rooftop. It’s the only place where I can clear my mind. So let’s explore Shanghai from an angle you’ve never known before! The idea of that was laying in my head for a long time.

Thanks to my friend – @k3rkis, for capturing the process. The hardest task was how to pull myself onto the top and sit on it.

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Via Artem Chernov

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