Comfy Travel Outfit Ideas For Girls

Comfy Travel Outfit Ideas For Girls

It is fascinating how some people manage to look fabulous, while others look like chewed-up bags when traveling. Above all, travel outfits should be comfortable and layered, due to the temperature changes.

However, there is no reason why shouldn’t look stylish and elegant too. It is all about good planning and creating a few clothing capsules that will make you look effortlessly chic, even on the longest flight.

All it takes is having a few good versatile pieces of clothes that will make you look casual yet sophisticated at the same time, regardless of destination.


If you don’t already have favorite pants that you wear almost everywhere, now is the time to go shopping and get yourself a new, precious, multipurpose clothing item that you will be able to wear at work, on an evening out, or in a museum.

Stick to fitted pants with elastane since it will look tight while it will feel comfy and it will allow movement. Also, keep in mind that they go well with almost anything, whether it is high heels, ankle boots, or simple flats.

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Make sure to have at least two or three t-shirts that are soft and comfortable.  A simple t-shirt can look extremely stylish if it is well made and cleverly combined with other clothing items.

Look for t-shirts with loose ends and fine fabrics. To make them more versatile, choose those with simple patterns and colors that can match well with the rest of your outfit. Know that your t-shirt can be a focal point of your outfit, but it can also be just one of many layers on a cold day.

Cardigan or jacket

A fine long cardigan or jacket will keep you warm and will make you look stylish. Make sure it is neutral and simple, yet cozy and sharp.

Instead of a cardigan, you can opt for a bomber or pilot jacket since it can improve your outfit in many ways by making your personal style more eclectic.

However, avoid making a jacket or cardigan a statement piece of your outfit. Instead of putting a focus on just one item, make it about the overall impression that encapsulates your taste and sense of style.

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Comfortable shoes are a must, and fortunately, there are plenty of fabulous and stylish shoes out there that fit, look and feel great.

Traveling calls for light and quality pairs of slip-on shoes or elegant flats that allow long walks through new landscapes.

Also, ankle boots are a great option for cold weather as they are warm, comfortable, and quite classy. Make sure to avoid laces since you’ll need to take them off quickly while going through the security line at the airport.

Scarf or shawl

It is a perfect piece of accessory that can completely change your overall look. You can wear it on your neck or around your shoulders.

Long scarves can bring out your inner diva if you can style them properly and swivel them to one side and let the ends fly.

One scarf is never enough, so make sure you have a few of those. Every online clothing and fashion boutique offers a variety of scarfs with different colors and patterns, so choose ones that are so ”you”.

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That one perfect dress

If you aim for a more fashionable look, then a simple black dress is an ideal clothing item. Black dresses will never go out of style, and you can transform your outfit with shoes, jewelry, or scarves.

Wearing a black dress will always add some chic to your style, whether you look elegant or sporty. Such a versatile item is a must-have in any traveling bag.

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Wearing a single signature piece of accessory that puts a strong personal stamp on your outfit is always welcome, only make sure not to go overboard with it, since it may not be the most practical thing while traveling.

Remember that you have to take off all your jewelry and metal parts when going through the security line. Also, people tend to lose smaller items like hats and eyeglasses, so stick to no more than one or two accessory items that improve your look.

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Looking stylish is easy once you understand that you don’t have to buy lots of clothes as long as you do it wisely. A few quality items that you can rotate and combine with some good accessories will make you one of those fabulously looking travelers.

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