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Quirky Family Travel Ideas For 2023

As the world seems to be getting increasingly smaller with the growth of the internet and greater affordability of travel, finding family travel ideas for seeing new places and having new experiences is a lot more accessible.

This means that all tastes and preferences are catered for, to those who are looking for a holiday with a difference – so no longer is a package holiday to Spain or a camping trip to France your only option.

Whether you’re into cycling, nature, railway journeys as a family, or even travelling with a baby, there is now a getaway that is perfectly suited to every family regardless of their interests. In fact, whatever you are into, there is probably a holiday to match.

So, if your family is a bit quirky – or just loves doing something a bit `different`, what has the world got to offer you for that unforgettable travel break?

Coach tour in the UK

Although it might seem tempting to go abroad, there’s plenty to do and see in good old Blighty. You can take the strain off the organizing (and driving) and take a coach tour to some of the places that Britain has to offer.

If you are into nature, why not go and see the Cotswolds, Cheddar Gorge or the Lake District, discover fossils, and walk in the footsteps of dinosaurs on the Jurassic Coast?

If history is your ‘thing’, what about a visit to Royal Palaces or Hadrian’s Wall? Or if Corrie is a family favorite, why not go and see the sights where the `Street` is filmed?

A coach tour will pick you up and drop you off in your local area, take you to your destination(s) and – depending on your chosen trip – organize hotels, some entertainment, and other excursions.

Family Travel Idea – Cycling holiday

Spending time on two wheels is a much-loved way to pass the time with families. Holidays can be planned to be suitable for all ages, distances, and levels, and prices can include bikes of all sizes as well as accessories like child seats and trailers.

Family cycling holidays can take you all around the world, from the breathtakingly stunning, mountainous  Lofoten Islands in Norway, to the relatively flat Dutch countryside, to more far-flung destinations like Cambodia.

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The Galapagos Islands

For budding scientists and animal lovers, it doesn’t get better than a trip to the Galapagos Islands – off the coast of Ecuador in South America.

With the oldest of the islands having been formed between three and five million years ago and lying on the equator, the array of currents around the islands gives the Galapagos Islands the biodiversity that they are known for.

They are a wildlife enthusiast’s paradise and the ideal place to ignite a passion for all things flora and fauna, and wildlife that can be seen include kimono dragons, giant tortoises, marine iguanas, penguins, and sea lions.

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If you’re looking to go somewhere completely different from what you’re used to, why not give crazy, futuristic, and off-the-wall Tokyo a go?

It is a city that is totally geared towards children, with a massive array of museums and child-friendly restaurants and eateries.

In Kidzania, children between 4 and 12 can role-play their chosen careers in a city run by kids, or visit the Cup Noodles Museum where you can make your own noodles or chicken ramen (in true quirky Japanese style), go to the four-floor toy shop at KiddyLand, or visit some of the numerous, wacky, creative playgrounds.


Train journeys

They say that it is the journey and not the destination that’s important and train journeys are no exception to this. Train journeys with the family can be a fun and stress-free way to see the world, whether you go for a short trip or a long one.

Sleeping and eating on the train are fun and exciting and it allows you to see vast areas in a short time. Train journeys that are suitable for families include trips around The Grand Canyon, The Canadian Rockies, and through France or Moscow to Beijing.

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Cooking holidays

For foodie families, cooking holidays can be the perfect getaway idea. It gives families the opportunity to go and learn about new cultures through food, learn about cooking food, and of course, enjoy eating new and interesting food.

You could try Ayurveda yoga and cooking in India, using local and seasonal products in Spain, cook in nature in Lapland, or learn how to make authentic Greek cuisine under the sun in Greece.

Regardless of what you’re ‘into’ as a family, there is a holiday that suits you. With a little imagination and some research, you can turn a few days away into an unforgettable experience.

Family Travel Ideas Summary

the world is becoming increasingly accessible for families looking for new travel ideas and experiences. With the growth of the internet and greater affordability of travel, the options for unique and exciting holidays are endless.

Whether you’re into cycling, nature, railways, or something more unusual, there’s a getaway that’s perfect for every family.

From coach tours in the UK to cooking holidays in India and train journeys through the Canadian Rockies, the world is full of possibilities for those who are looking for something different.

With a little imagination and research, families can turn a few days away into an unforgettable experience.

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