Swim in this 1.8 Million-gallon Aquarium At This Resort in Hualalai

Located on the coast of Kona-Kohala, Hawaii, lies the Four Seasons Resort, Hualalai. The resort is surrounded by pristine white sand beaches and stunning black lava landscapes. To keep the spirits of traditions alive, this oceanfront splendor showcases the vibrant culture of Hawaii in every single detail of its building, cuisine, and ambiance.

Photo courtesy of Four Seasons Resort Hualalai


The Four Seasons Resort provides its guests with various accommodations in the form of rooms, suites, and villas. The guests can choose from Hawaii Loa Presidential Villa, Makaloa Villa, Ho’onanea Villa, Prime Ocean-view Room, and Kahuwai Suite, depending on their preference and liking.

The renovated accommodations are modern and up-to-date, yet they provide you with a beautiful insight into the authentic Hualalai culture. Most of the accommodations are equipped with modern and lavish equipment and necessities and face toward the beautiful ocean. The resort also provides its guests with secluded and coveted locations nestled among its lush gardens.


The guests can experience the most indulgent culinary experiences here at the Four Seasons Resort. The resort offers the guests to participate in intimate cooking classes and wine tastings hosted by famous chefs and winemakers from the country. The guests can also enjoy a specially curated dinner menu.

Photos courtesy of Four Seasons Resort Hualalai

The resort offers an ocean grill, poolside dining, indoor dining, wine, cocktail, and sushi bars. There is also a herb garden located in the resort where the guests can explore various vegetables, tropical fruits, and herbs. Most of the seafood served in the Four Seasons Resort is local, sustainable, and complemented by the produce grown in their garden.


The resort provides its guests with the privilege of experiencing marine life without hitting the ocean. Four Seasons Resort has a 1.8 million gallon aquarium which was inspired by marine and ocean education and preservation. The aquarium is carved into lava rock and is home to almost 1000 tropical fishes.

Photos courtesy of Four Seasons Resort Hualalai

The fish are taken care of by a team of marine biologists. The aquarium also has a swimmable pond which provides a one-of-a-kind experience led by on-site marine biologists to the guests. It is also known as King’s Pond and gives its guests an opportunity to learn more about marine life through digital educational displays and various touch tanks.

Visitors can also feed the fish or simply admire the beautiful aquatic life. The King’s Pond also offers special adventures to the children. This aquarium is natural and extremely unique and is one of the ultimate sources of feeling relaxed and stress-free here in Hawaii.

Photos courtesy of Four Seasons Resort Hualalai

Beyond the aquarium and along the poolside, the executive chef of the Four Seasons Resort also offers its guests a gourmet menu. Moreover, the resort lets its guests enjoy a plethora of experiences such as wedding and vow renewal services, outdoor and indoor spas and wellness centers, sports club, and various skin care therapies using locally sourced ingredients with immediate visible results.

Four Seasons Resort is where one makes elite and unforgettable memories all because of their excellent ambiance, services, and experiences which they offer to their guests.

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