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Worlds Most Scenic Train Ride Through Rockies Canada 

Traveling by train ride through Rockies Canada should be on your bucket list! It’s a memorable and luxurious experience.

It is one of the most scenic train rides in the world with full glass domed windows, and an outdoor viewing area plus get your breakfast and lunch delivered to your seat.

There’s also something nostalgic about journeying across a country the same way most people got around a century ago before the invention of commercial airplanes.

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Photo courtesy of Rocky Mountaineer

Sitting on a fast-moving train and calmly looking out the window at spectacular scenery passing by invokes a sense of wonder and excitement for what lies ahead, how can travel get better than that?

Well, how about a glass-domed roof that allows for almost 360 panoramic views of your surroundings?

The GoldLeaf Service train carriages by Rocky Mountaineer in western Canada does just this. The full-domed windows allow guests to see above them with ease – which is a must when traveling under and beside towering mountains in the Canadian Rockies.

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Photo courtesy of Rocky Mountaineer

People head to the Rockies for many reasons, whether it be to see the iconic Banff National Park or spend time in Jasper exploring lakes and glaciers, there is so much to do here. The best way to get around and see the spectacular scenery is by a train of course.

The Canadian-owned Rocky Mountaineer tour company’s GoldLeaf Service has two routes: one voyage from Vancouver to Jasper and a journey also from Vancouver that ends up in Banff or Lake Louise.

Each route is around 2-3 days and you have the option of doing a return ‘Circle Journey’ back to your starting point. The company recently added glass-domed carriages in 2020 and has plans to add even more.

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Photo courtesy of Rocky Mountaineer

If you happen to be in the USA they have also added 2-day routes that extend from the Moab desert in Utah all the way to Denver in Colorado.

On board the world-class service you’ll find gourmet meals prepared by ‘Executive Chefs’ crafted from local ingredients all in the comfort of a dedicated fine-dining room, as well as an afternoon ‘wine & cheese” session.

There is also a cool outdoor viewing platform so you can take better photos and breath in some fresh air from the Rockies.

rocky mountaineer restaurant
Photo courtesy of Rocky Mountaineer

The GoldLeaf rail car can hold up to 72 passengers in heated seats that recline. The rail cars were carefully engineered and constructed by the Swiss rail company Stadler in one of the largest investments in Rocky Mountaineers’ history.

Prices begin at around $1,650 CAD per person for the short 2-day journeys and up to $10,000 CAD for the grand circle journeys. You can see prices and dates at the bottom of their website here.

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