The Top 10 Things To Do in Italy

Italy is a European country located along the coastline of the Mediterranean Basin. Italy is the home of the Vatican City and is known for mouth-watering cuisines, beautiful architecture, fashion, art, and undiscovered places.

If you are visiting Italy and you are hoping to get the best out of your stay, here are 10 things you should do to create memories that will linger on for eternity.

Enjoy a bite of pizza at Naples

Pizza originated from the pizzeria at Naples, your visit will be incomplete if you do not visit Naples to have a taste of their traditional pizza.


Have a sunbath on the Island of Sardinia

If you want to get some vitamin D in your system by basking under the sun, visit the blue waters of the beach along the Smeralda Coast in Southern Italy and soak up all the sun you can. There are plenty more things to do in Sardinia while you’re there.


Go to an opera in Verona

Everyone may not be fans of an opera but it is also a one of a lifetime experience when you get to visit an opera house in Verona for a show. You are guaranteed the best musicals upon your visit.


See the Italian soccer team in action

The Italian soccer team is one of the best in the world. Seeing them in action on a television screen doesn’t compare to the feeling of euphoria you get when you see them live. The Italian soccer team players are the most loved professionals in the country.


Go hiking on the trail of the Cinque Terre

The trail is Cinque Terre is one of the busiest hiking trails in Italy. The trail cuts across five very beautiful villages in Italy. The feeling you get when you see other hikers cruising through the villages is irreplaceable.


Indulge your taste buds with gelato

Italian gelato is loved by many. Eating a scoop or two of gelato is a feat that every visitor must accomplish. Unlike other gelatos that are made of cream, the gelato in Italy is made of milk. Give yourself a treat.


Walk in Julius Caesar’s footsteps

We all love the story of Cleopatra and her famous Roman lover, Julius Caesar. A feeling of ecstasy washes through anyone who walks the Colosseums or Roman Cobblestones which were graced by the presence of Julius Caesar. Walk the stone floors of these buildings and be mesmerized.


Spend a quarter of an hour for “The Last Supper” in Milan

If you love contemporary art and artworks of Leonardo Da Vinci, you should visit Milan and have a fill of the ‘Last Supper’ masterpiece. You will get only 15 minutes to do this. Make it count.


Tour the museums at Vatican City

Vatican City is not just the home of the Papacy but it is also the home of many museums. Get a tour guide to show you artifacts that will leave you gobsmacked and have a remarkable experience.


Visiting the Uffizi Gallery in Italy is the most important thing on the itinerary of what to do in Italy. No place on earth has such breathtaking collection of Renaissance artworks like this Gallery. You can also enjoy music from rock stars from Florence in the same area.

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