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Mexico City Nightlife & Party Guide – 2023

There is no shortage of nightlife in Mexico City, being the second most populous city in North America, you’ll find some of the best bars and clubs in all of Mexico.

Located in the Valle de México at a high elevation of 2,240 m, it does actually get cold at night, but that is no deterrent to the partygoers of the city.

With bars and clubs offering everything from salsa to reggaeton, house to techno; there is such a varied music scene and there’s sure to be something for everyone.

We’ve compiled a list of the best bars, clubs and up and coming spots to enjoy the Mexico City nightlife the proper way.

Mexico City Nightlife

In a vibrant city of more than 20 million people, it can be daunting to know which area to stay in and where to go for a night out on the town. Don’t worry, we have you covered.

Most clubs are open until 3 or 4 am, and of course, you can find clubs if you’re looking to stay up until sunrise.

Where to Party in Mexico City?

As it’s such a big city there are obviously many districts and neighborhoods you could find yourself in. Each one has a unique take on nightlife, whether it be with locals or with foreigners.

The most popular places to party are for sure Roma, Condesa, and Polanco, and here you’ll experience the best Mexico City nightlife in the city.

Polanco is probably the most expensive place to party in all of Mexico City. With bars/lounges such as Scotch, expect to break the bank by paying for a few cocktails.

cdmx pub crawl

There are also popular clubs like Republica and Janis (mentioned below) with upper-class clientele.

Roma and Condesa can be combined into one category as they are within walking distance of one another (20 minutes). Here you’ll find the highest concentration of bars and nightclubs in the city.

Here you’ll find mostly foreigners as the area has been mostly gentrified. You can find super cheap bars/clubs and also pricier/fancier places.

Centro Historico is the old town of Mexico City and here you’ll find old clubs and bars such as Pata Negra, Terraza Rooftop bar, Donceles 88, and Cultural Roots, a fun and eccentric nightclubs that usually play reggaeton music.

Mexico City Nightlife Costs

Most people assume the Mexico City nightlife to be cheap compared to some first-world countries like the US, Canada, or UK.

While there may be some very cheap towns and beach towns in Mexico, Mexico City is typically more expensive when going out compared to other places in the country.

You’ll definitely spend less than going out in say Miami, New York City, or Montreal, but don’t expect to be having a night out for only $15.

Here is a basic outline of what you’ll typically pay on a good night out in CDMX:

  • Cover for entry to some clubs: $5-$30
  • Cerveza (national beer such as Corona): $1-$7
  • Cocktails: $4-$15
  • A shot of Tequila or Mezcal: $1-10
  • Bottle of liquor at a club: $50-200
  • Bar or finger food: $5-$15

Of course, this depends on what area of Mexico City and what bars you’re hanging out at. If you’re drinking at Cottoritos for example, you’ll only pay $1 for a beer or a shot.

If you’re partying in Polanco you’re gonna pay at least $6 for a beer. A bar like Gin Gin or Carajillo will set you back around $20 per cocktail in most cases.

If you’re on a budget, our recommendation is to pre-drink at home with friends first before going out or start somewhere cheap like McCarthy’s Irish Pub or Cottoritos.

Best Bars in Mexico City

Jardin Paraiso

A popular place among foreigners and Mexicans looking to get amongst the Mexico City nightlife is Jardin Paraiso. With one of the best atmospheres of any bar out there it is a great place to warm up the night if you can get in.

cdmx pub crawl

Typically a 200 peso cover on weekends, the music is a mix of salsa, reggaeton, and pop.

Mexico City Nightlife

Usually packed by 10 o’clock with a mob of partygoers banging on the door outside, get there nice and early if you want to get in, or try to get a reservation.

Bar Pata Negra

What used to be one of the most popular Mexico City nightlife spots sadly closed due to the pandemic. However, there are two other spots, one is a famous live music venue located in the historic center of CDMX, come here for cocktails, good food, and great music.

best mexico city nightlife pata negra
Via Pata Negra Instagram

There’s also a Pata Negra in Juarez with library-themed decor that’s worth checking out also if you’re closer to the Roma area.

Toledo Rooftop

If you’re into rooftop bars with a great social atmosphere, then Toledo Rooftop is one of your best options for Mexico City nightlife.

While the place is very upscale and incredibly expensive (90 pesos for a beer and 250-300) for a cocktail), it’s a perfect spot to meet other expats and locals and enjoy the impressive views of the city along Chapultepec avenue.

mexico city nightlife toledo rooftop

Jardin Juarez

An open-air beer garden that turns into a nightclub every weekend, Jardin Juarez is one of our favourite spots to experience the best Mexico City nightlife.

With beers at only 50 pesos and cocktails starting at 100 pesos, it’s the perfect spot to pre-drink before going out or simply spend the night here if you like the DJ that starts playing reggaeton and Top 40 around 10 pm. Make sure to arrive before 9:30 or you’ll be lining up for hours as there is no cover.

mexico city nightlife jardin juarez

Bizarro Café

It’s not just a name, this place is actually bizarre at times, with an eccentric crowd typically filling the dance floor every night.

The music of choice is punk rock, classic rock, or pop rock from the early 80s and 90s, so bring your punk clothes and dancing shoes.

best mexico city nightlife bizarro cafe
The décor at Bizarro cafe via Facebook

There are three floors, including a newly opened rooftop, with a very different vibing to the tunes.


A popular bar to pre-drink before heading out or before heading upstairs to Club Phoenix. Usually chilled electronic vibes with an outdoor patio and good cocktails.

cdmx pub crawl


Xaman is a hidden cocktail bar with chilled-out, mellow music, and a dark, ambient vibe. Inside you’ll find an upper-class crowd sipping on fancy and expensive cocktails.

Definitely, a must-visit spot, but I wouldn’t go here every night or you’ll break the bank.

best mexico city nightlife xaman bar
Via Facebook


If you’re looking to get amongst the Mexico City nightlife on a budget Cottoritos is probably the cheapest place to drink, at least in the Roma/Condesa area.

The beers and shots going for only 20 pesos, it’s definitely the perfect place to warm up and get started before heading to the pricier bars.

Spread across three different floors with loud music at the top, they also serve cheap food of around 20-60 pesos depending on the dish.

best mexico city nightlife cottoritos

Pulqueria Los Insurgentes

If you’re looking for something with a bit more of a local vibe, this is your place.

Pulqueria los Insurgentes is a casual restaurant/bar serving pulque, a milk-colored liquor made from certain types of agave, it has quite a kick and will knock you on your feet.

best mexico city nightlife pulqueria Insurgentes
Via Pulqueria Los Insurgentes Facebook


If you’re a gringo and into salsa and bachata music then you’ll love Marketeatro in Roma Norte. Every Friday night a bunch of foreigners and Mexicans alike descends on this food market/beer hall for salsa lessons.

Later on in the night, it turns into a full-on free for all where people dance with other random strangers. This is a good place to start if you’re looking for excellent Mexico City nightlife.


A little different from the others as this place only serves craft beer, but wow what a selection! With typically more than 30 craft beers on tap, mostly from Mexican breweries, you’ll never get bored here!

best mexico city nightlife drunkendog

Calle Genova

cdmx pub crawl

While not a bar per se, but rather a row of several bars along a popular walking street. If you’re looking to experience Mexico City nightlife from the perspective of the locals then here is a good place in the heart of the city.

best mexico city nightlife calle genova

Best Mexico City Nightclubs


Undoubtedly one of the most popular bars/nightclubs for Mexico City nightlife, especially among gringos and foreigners, it’s more of a lounge and turns into a club later on in the night, typically with house music.

With three floors, including a rooftop where people congregate to talk, smoke and drink, it’s an easy place to meet new people, and a great place to drink and party.

Drinks are a little pricier than other venues and usually, there is a line to enter, so show up a bit earlier (10-11)

Montana Disco

Discover the hidden charm of Montana, subtly tucked away behind the savory haven that is Coppola Vinyl Pizza restaurant out front. Nestled unnoticeably in a street-concealed corner, a mere passage through its hefty curtains immerses you into an enchanting mirror vortex that elevates the experience exponentially.

Montana is a future-retro discotheque, manifested in authentic speakeasy fashion, seemingly sprung from a period or sci-fi film. Step inside and become enveloped in a mist of dry ice and glittering disco balls, illuminated by a symphony of neon yellow lights and pulsating to the beat of the nightly DJ’s tunes.

cdmx nightlife montana
Photo via Montana Disco

Opening its chain at 11:00 PM, it doesn’t take long for Montana to burst into life, filling swiftly with beats that promise to keep your feet moving till dawn. Ladies, your comfort and safety are paramount here—with protective measures like lidded cups and emergency codes, ensuring your night is not only lively but also secure.

cdmx pub crawl

Bombay Club Roma

Formerly known as Valhalla club in Roma Norte, Bombay club has recently become quite popular with the younger local Mexican crowd.

Situated on the second floor, this busy nightclub has a beautiful open-air concept surrounded by tropical plants and stylish decor.

You’ll find mostly Reggaeton, Latino music, and top 40 hits here. The cover is only 100 pesos, a beer costs 80 pesos and a cocktail ranges from 150-200.

best mexico city nightlife bombay club
Photo courtesy of Bombay Roma


One of the best electronic venues with possibly the best sound system in Mexico City. This club is below ground and features world-class DJ’s and an amazing laser light show. The cover is typically 400 pesos and up.

best mexico city nightlife funk 1
Light show in Funk Club


If you’re looking for more of a pop or reggaeton vibe then head here for your evening out. Although I’m not a fan of the music and ADDJ who changes the songs every 30 seconds, it’s one of the most popular clubs in the city and is typically packed.. The venue’s decor has a very industrial vibe featuring artwork from Banksy.

best mexico city nightlife phoenix condesa
Via Facebook


Located in Cibeles in Roma Norte, this is a hot spot for the youth looking to experience Mexico City nightlife.

A little pricier than other clubs, you can typically buy a bottle with friends for around $100. On Saturdays, the place is open from noon until very late.

best mexico city nightlife apotheke
Via Apotheke Facebook

Patrick Miller

One of the most notorious and popular clubs to experience Mexico City nightlife, it was closed for two years during the Covid-19 pandemic and has just recently reopened for business.

An eccentric crowd fills this large warehouse during the weekends with a wide range of music from the 80’s all the way up to the present.

best mexico city nightlife patrick miller

Not really an upscale place, beer goes for only $50 pesos, and cocktails are around $100. Throughout the dance floor, you’ll find circles where people can challenge each other to “dance-offs”, think you’re a good dancer? Give it a try!


A new nightclub that just recently opened up in 2022. Located in Roma Norte in Cibeles, this nightclub features an array of DJ’s playing progressive house, techno and even trance.

Entrance is free before 12 am if you’re on the list. The place is a little small, and drinks are pricey but it’s definitely worth it. The music and light show is out of this world and in our opinion one of the best places for Mexico City nightlife.

best mexico city nightlife ato
Via ATO’s Instagram

Cultura Subterranea

cdmx pub crawl

A special kind of nightclub that changes locations every weekend. With a very mixed crowd, foreigners and Mexicans alike, the only thing they have in common is the need to party.

Drinks are also quite cheap here. You can find out where the next event is by following their Instagram page here.

best mexico city nightlife subterranea
Cultura Subterranea Facebook

M.N. Roy

One of the hardest clubs to gain entrance to get amongst the Mexico City Nightlife is M.N Roy and this is due to its notoriety and the occasional celebrity cameo, it’s definitely quite different than the other clubs and a lot pricier.

You need to know someone in order to enter or hold a membership to the club. Good luck.

best mexico city nightlife mn roy

Donceles 88

In the heart of the historic center, you’ll find this gem of a nightclub. Housed in an old historic 3 story house is this venue with excellent electronic music; from house to techno to even progressive trance some nights.

Beware: the building is quite old and it may feel like you’ll fall through the floor at times.

best mexico city nightlife donceles 88
Via Donceles 88 Facebook


An upper-class club located in the fancy and expensive Polanco district, named after Janis Joplin. You’ll see a lot of young pretty ladies here looking for that special guy or simply experiencing the magical Mexico City nightlife.

The music is typically electronic and also pop some nights, drinks are quite expensive here, which is to be expected in Polanco.

best mexico city nightlife janis
Via Janis Instagram

Mexico City Pubcrawl

Is there a Mexico City Pub Crawl still active? Suprisingly there aren’t many pub crawls in the city, maybe this is because Mexico City is massive, and the nightlife is very spread out so organizing a pub crawl would be very tricky. The only one we’re aware of is this CDMX Pub Crawl.

We’ve also seen few pub crawls on Airbnb experiences and Get Your Guide however they are mostly downtown in Centro and don’t seem to be for large groups.

Where To Stay To Get Amongst The Mexico City Nightlife

If you’re looking to mostly party and experience the best Mexico City nightlife then we recommend staying in the Roma or Condesa area.

You’ll find many awesome Airbnbs and Hotels that are within walking distance of all of the best nightlife spots. Here are some that we recommend:

Luxury: Brick Hotel

If you’re looking for luxury and don’t want to break the bank, Brick Hotel in Roma Norte is an ideal spot, around $400 per night but definitely worth it based on the amazing facilities included and the perfect location.


Mid Range: Capital Luxury Apartments & Offices

For around $85 per night, you can get this awesome apartment studio with a kitchen and balcony located right on Medellin street which is situated right between Roma and Condesa, giving you easy walking distance to all the best nightlife spots in Mexico City.

capital luxury

Budget: HoM Monterrey

If you’re traveling on a budget but still want to stay in an awesome area and get the most out of Mexico City nightlife then HoM Monterrey is a great choice.

For only $20 per night, you’ll get a private room in what is basically a hostel with a shared bathroom and kitchen. Located in Roma Norte, we think it’s an excellent deal.

hom monterrey

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