most haunted airbnbs to book right now

The Most Haunted Airbnbs You Can Book Right Now

Are you curious about the unknown and are not afraid of what goes bump in the night? Around the world, haunted castles and spooky estates await your arrival.

Brave guests may experience paranormal activity and can learn the eerie backstories of these haunted houses. Book right now, at one of the most haunted Airbnbs below.

1.The Henry Derby House (Salem, MA, USA)

An antique home located in Salem’s McIntire district, The Henry Derby House will leave you spooked.

Constructed in 1838, Henry Derby House is known to have ghostly apparitions living within its walls.

A young woman named Sarah supposedly passed away in the home many years ago.

Guests that have stayed the night have reported hearing stomping and creaking, seeing lights go out, and having felt tickling sensations on their feet.

Night viewings and EVP readings at the residence have also resulted in paranormal disturbances.

The Henry Derby House can accommodate up to 12 guests, featuring 8 beds and 4 baths.

Remember that The Henry Derby House comes at a hefty price tag of at least $800 USD per night.

2. The David Stewart Farm (Gettysburg, PA, USA)

Located only 4 miles from downtown Gettysburg, David Stewarts Farm is the perfect location to see the local historical sites and even catch fish at their well-stocked lake.

Due to the farm’s proximity to where the Battle of Gettysburg took place, the barn and farmhouse were used as an emergency field hospital after the battle.

The 36-year-long residence and owners reassure visitors that though the home has ghostly visitors, they are all known to be friendly. Book now from $110 USD per night.

3. Stroud House (Wake Forest, NC, United States)

When booking your Airbnb at the Historic Stroud House, you are provided with a private bedroom that is supposedly ghost-free.

The rest of the home though is another story. Flickering lights, banging, and ghostly figures have been seen throughout the home, making for a spooky stay.

Fast high-speed internet, a park view, and ample TV entertainment make Stroud House great for those looking to stay in.

Of course, if you are inclined to explore outside, the home is located in downtown Wake Forest and situated by the local chapel, where weddings and events commonly occur. Book now from $50 USD per night.

4. The Beck House (Penetanguishene, ON, Canada)

Originally the home of the Canadian lumber baron, Charles Beck, The Beck House features a self-contained apartment on the 3rd floor for guests.

This quaint 2 bedroom and a private bath, have been carefully decorated with period pieces, bright red accents and antique furniture.

A Victorian-style home, The Beck House is known to be haunted by the late Charles Beck and his daughter Mary.

Known to be angry after her father’s passing, as it left her with 9 younger siblings to raise and only a dollar to her name. Book now from $110 USD per night.

5. The Enslin House (Troy, NY, United States)

The village of Lansingburgh first started to be developed in 1771, with The Enslin House being located in the heart of the city.

The second floor of this historic home has been set aside for guests. Featuring 1 bedroom, 1 bath and a few paranormal visitors.

The home’s reputation has resulted in some famous stays, including Armand Assante, Drew Barrymore, Valley Cats, and Chazz Palminteri.

Movies have also been filmed on-site, with paranormal investigations a common occurrence. The hosts also offer additional spooky experiences, including a Spookeasy Dinner, Ghost Tour, and Mentalism.

Book now from $110 USD per night.

6. Inspiration House (Oberlin, OH, United States)

Located in Oberlin, the Inspiration House was originally built in the 1870s, only a short distance from the city centre.

This authentic and cozy home, features 4 generous bedrooms and 3 baths, making it a great place for a family or group getaway.

Inspiration House’s current owner Michelle Belanger, has found the paranormal atmosphere of the home inspiring for writers, like herself.

Michelle also offers psychic development workshops, to help others learn and harness their perceptions of the world beyond. Book now from $250 USD per night.

7. Castello Dal Pozzo (Piedmont, Italy)

This centuries-old castle, located in the Italian countryside, is situated on a grand estate. Neo-Gothic architecture, detailed tile molding, and modern amenities are featured throughout the home.

Able to host up to 16 guests, the estate contains 8 bedrooms and 8.5 private baths.

The extravagance, break-taking garden, and lake views, are only a part of what attracts visitors. Paranormal activity has been reported, with women’s cries having been heard from the castle tower.

It is taught that the home is haunted by Barbara Visconti, a woman whose heart was broken by being separated from her true love. Surprisingly, booking this grand castle starts from $580 USD per night.

8. The Black Monarch (Victor, CO, United States)

A previous brothel, casino, and saloon, The Black Monarch is located within the Rocky Mountains of Victor, Colorado. Re-built in 1899, The Black Monarch has an exciting history.

Having entertained cowboys, miners, and even Nikola Tesla himself. This Victorian Gothic structure features 12 to 15-foot ceilings, taxidermy animals, unnerving artwork, and antique furniture.

7 bedrooms and 2 baths allow for group bookings and events. Bring your friends, but don’t expect much sleep, as guests have noted hearing footsteps and whispers coming from the main floor.

Book now with prices starting from $1,100 per night.

9. Cemetery Schoolhouse (Hudson, NY, United States)

A previous 1900s schoolhouse and tool factory, this historic structure was converted into 4 private 750 Sq. ft studios to accommodate guests.

Nestled within Hudson, New York, the Cemetery Schoolhouse is only a 10-minute walk to Warren St., which contains a variety of shops, restaurants, and boutique cafes.

Even if you don’t feel a paranormal experience indoors, one look outside at the surrounding burial plots can get anyone’s blood pumping. Book now from $180 USD per night.

10. The Rensow Manor (Rensow, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Germany)

Built-in 1690, Rensow Manor’s ground floor has been renovated to include a gorgeous library apartment.

Books and treasures line the floor-to-ceiling shelves, while a small wood-burning stove warms the cozy interior. Where there are no books, you will find antique paintings of quiet meadows and blue-hued lakes.

Your stay includes a private bedroom and bath for your pleasure. With this property surrounded by mystery, it is rumored to be haunted by Slavic Gods previously worshipped in the area. Book now from $120 USD per night.

Friendly apparitions and unexpected noises can make for an exciting getaway. As many haunted homes are located in small villages, ghost towns, or historical sites.

This allows you to discover an area you may have otherwise overlooked. Which spooky location would you visit?

Summary of the most haunted Airbnbs

For those who are not afraid of the paranormal and wish to explore the unknown, there are several spooky Airbnb options available worldwide.

These haunted castles and spooky estates are sure to leave guests spooked, with the chance to experience paranormal activity and learn about the eerie backstories of these locations.

With prices ranging from $50 to $800 USD per night, these unique Airbnb options provide a thrilling and unforgettable experience for all those who dare to explore the supernatural.

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