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The 9 Most Relaxing Hot Springs On The Planet With the Best Views

What better way to end off a long day of adventure and travel than by relaxing in a steaming hot spring, if it happens to be in an incredible location with amazing views – even better!

Not only are thermal hot springs healthy, with the benefits of sulfur, skin detoxing, and much more.

You’ll find hot springs in all kinds of unusual locations, from the coldest part of Iceland to the jungles of Indonesia. Here’s our list of the most relaxing hot springs in the world, which happen to also have incredible views.

Chena Hot Springs, Alaska

Most relaxing hot springs on the planet
Aurora Borealis over the Chena hot springs in Alaska

Imagine relaxing in a steaming hot pool, surrounded by the frigid Alaskan wilderness, and up above you witness the spectacular Northern Lights.

Well at the Chena Hot Springs in Alaska, this is exactly what you’ll experience, depending on the time of year of the course.

It’s a resort not far from Fairbanks, so you don’t have to trek far into the wilderness to witness this marvel of nature.

Cascate del Mulino, Italy

best hot springs in world Cascate Mulino
Saturnia (Tuscany, Italy) – The thermal sulphurous water of Saturnia, province of Grosseto, Tuscany region, during the winter

One of Italy’s most popular hot springs, it’s an amazing cascade of pale blue thermal water, with the perfect temperature for enjoying a cool fall day in Tuscany.

Do not be confused with the neighboring Terme di Saturnia hotel which also has hot springs, this one is much better, with clearer water and nicer views.

Pamukkale Thermal Pools, Turkey

best hot springs in world pamukkale

Turkey is not just beautiful mosques, ancient ruins, and beautiful coastlines, it also features fantastic natural landscapes such as the Pamukkale Thermal Pools.

A UNESCO world heritage site in southwestern Turkey, the Pamukkale springs look like it’s in a frozen wasteland at first glance, but it’s actually polished white limestone, created over the years through the flowing hot water.

With spectacular ‘terraces’, it has been a natural attraction for centuries, with famous icons such as Cleopatra even making a visit, who believed the water cured all kinds of diseases. The springs maintain a temperature of around 36 degrees Celsius.

Kheerganga, India

best hot springs in the world kheerganga india
People Enjoying Natural Hot Water Spring In Kheerganga, Kasol, Himachal Pradesh, India

Located in the stunning Parvati Valley, Kheerganga is a national park that features waterfalls, stunning mountain views, and of course – hot springs.

The valley is a sacred place, said to be the spot where Shiva meditated for 3,000 long years.

The trek up to the hot springs takes around 4 hours to complete but is well worth it once you submerge into the incredibly relaxing pools.

Kerosene Creek, New Zealand

best hot springs world kerosene creek

Deep in the wilderness of Rotorua, you’ll find the fabulous Kerosne Creek, fed by a subterranean spring that heats up to 30 degrees Celsius, creating the perfect place to relax while surrounded by nature on the North Island.

It’s completely free to enter, but it’s quite a trek to get here, by traveling down winding gravel roads into the deep forest – but definitely worth it in our opinion.

Blue Lagoon – Iceland

Perhaps one of the most famous hot springs in the world, Blue Lagoon in Iceland is both a spectacular resort and a natural geothermal hot spring only 20 minutes from Iceland’s main Keflavik Airport.

Banjar Hot Springs, Bali, Indonesia

best hot springs in the world banjar indonesia
Stone statues spewing sulfur water in Banjar Hot Springs (Singaraja, Indonesia).

In the remote northern region of Bali, far from the overcrowded beaches, nightlife and tourists, you’ll find the Banjar Hot Springs.

Featuring a private pool, spa, hot tub, and a large outdoor restaurant, all decorated in the classic Balinese style with intricate statues and carving set in a lush jungle.

The water is around 25% sulfur, offering a healing experience like no other in water up to 38 degrees Celsius. The main 6-and-a-half pool fills up turquoise-green water, spouting from several “dragon heads” on the side walls, transporting the visitor to another world.

Takaragawa Onsen, Japan

best hot springs in the world takaragawa onsen japan
Outdoor hot spring with stone walking path, Onsen in japan in Autumn

If you want to be transported into a magical Japanese setting while relaxing in soothing hot springs, then Takaragawa Onsen should be on your Asian bucket list.

Nestled within the snowy peaks of the Joshin’etsukogen and Oze National Parks, the stunning hot spring resort features 4 open-air baths, a 42-room hotel, and a fantastic restaurant.

Uunartoq, Greenland

best hot springs in the world Uunartoq greenland

Found in an island off the southern tip of Greenland, Uunartoq is an uninhabited island and the only hot spring in Greenland that is warm enough to bathe in.

At 37 Celsius year round, it’s an excellent place to watch icebergs drifting slowly by, and if you’re lucky enough you may even see whales breaching in the distance.

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