Set Sail for Eternity: Life Aboard the Never-Ending Cruise

Cruises are one of the most popular ways to vacation these days. Typically, they are short getaways, lasting a few days or maybe even two weeks if you’ve saved up enough vacation time. From simple, alcohol-free cruises to the more adventurous “spicy cruises” where couples swap partners, there’s a cruise for everyone.

However, something far more extreme is about to set sail next week: the “endless cruise,” where passengers can spend their entire lives onboard.

The First Perpetual World Cruise

Dubbed the “first perpetual world cruise,” the 31-year-old Villa Vie Odyssey will embark on its maiden voyage on May 30 after extensive refurbishment and cosmetic upgrades. This ship promises an “intimate, new cruise lifestyle” and will depart from Belfast, Northern Ireland, with approximately 300 passengers, referred to as “residents.”

One of only two residential cruise ships in operation, the Villa Vie Odyssey is designed to access parts of the world that larger ships cannot reach.

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Photo via Villa Vie

A Global Journey

The Villa Vie Odyssey will visit an astounding 425 ports in 147 countries across all seven continents, circumnavigating the globe every three and a half years. Residents can choose between pay-as-you-go options and ownership options.

Under the ownership model, residents can “own a villa” and customize their living space. Owning a villa guarantees a 15-year stay, with prices starting at $99,000 (£77,696).

Luxurious Amenities

The ship features eight decks filled with luxurious amenities, including:

  • Three Restaurants: Offering a variety of cuisines.
  • Five Bars and Lounges: Perfect for socializing and relaxation.
  • A Pool with Two Jacuzzis: For unwinding and enjoying the view.
  • Spa and Fitness Center: To stay healthy and pampered.
  • Library: For quiet reading and study.

Additionally, there are private offices and conference spaces onboard, catering to those who work remotely and want to take “work from anywhere” to the extreme.

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Photo via Villa Vie

Exploring the World

Villa Vie Odyssey’s first segment will explore northern Europe, where residents can “savour Nordic culture under the Northern Lights.” From there, the ship will head to destinations like “Greenland and Beyond,” the Caribbean, and South America.

Passengers have the flexibility to book different segments of the journey, or for the more dedicated, commit to the “endless cruise” and make the ship their permanent home.

A Community at Sea

The CEO of Villa Vie Residences, Mikael Petterson, expressed his excitement about the voyage: “Villa Vie Odyssey will be customized for her immersive, 3.5-year global circumnavigations, ensuring all the comforts and amenities of home.

Named by the residents themselves, Odyssey reflects the company ethos of creating a community to share unforgettable moments of discovery on an extended journey, connecting people, places, and self.”

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Photo via Villa Vie

Living your life traveling the world on a ship is a significant commitment, but for many, it’s a dream come true. With all the comforts of home and the excitement of endless exploration, the Villa Vie Odyssey offers a unique lifestyle for those who crave adventure and community.

So, if the idea of an endless cruise appeals to you, the Villa Vie Odyssey might just be your next (and possibly final) travel destination. Bon voyage!

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