The Best Hotels in Bali For a Memorable Stay

Bali has some of the nicest and best hotels in all of Indonesia, if not the world. For those looking to unwind and get away from the everyday rat race, these best hotels in Bali need to be on your bucket list for this popular destination.

1. A Banyan Tree Escape

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Located in Payangan, Indonesia this 5-star hotel is the most expensive resort in all of Bali. Buahan, a Banyan Tree Escape is a place where time passes at a different pace’.

The resort features a number of different facilities including a restaurant, bar, and communal lounge. Guests have access to the free use of bikes and the accommodation has a breathtaking garden and terrace.

Located in the heart of Bali near the small Buahan village, this luxury resort is surrounded by the gorgeous green scenery of Bali and tucked away from all the neighbors.

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Getting to the resort takes a 40-minute drive from Ubud but it is more than worth the journey as once there you’ll have unobstructed views and access to the untouched waterfall of the Ayung River.

Each of the rooms has its own ensuite and private seating area for privacy. The place is staffed 24 hours a day and there is room service to accommodate guests’ needs.

A tasty continental breakfast is included for free with the booking and all the rooms have airconditioning and safety deposit boxes.

The destination is highly sorted after so we’d recommend checking the availability and price far in advance to secure your stay in this ultimate luxury resort.

2. Grand Cliff Nusa Dua

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Grand Cliff Nusa Dua is a stunning hotel that is the perfect location for your Bali getaway. Regardless of if you’re traveling with friends or family this 5-star resort should definitely be on your bucket list.

With unmatched views of the Indian Ocean, there are a number of different accommodation options all the way up to five-bedroom suites.

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The balconies and daybeds by the pool are a great place to enjoy a book or get a massage. Guests have access to the gym or if feeling adventurous can go for a swim in the ocean and walk along the beach away from the crowd.

3. The Edge Bali

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If you’re looking to experience the ultimate combination of luxury and tranquillity then The Edge is the perfect destination located on the clifftop in Uluwatu.

The breathtaking views of the ocean and infinity pool will leave you speechless. This is the ultimate romantic getaway that will make for an unforgettable experience. .

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Bali has some of the nicest and best hotels in all of Indonesia, if not the world. For those looking to unwind and get away from the everyday rat race, these hotels need to be on your Bali bucket list.

4. Four Seasons Resort Bali

The Four Seasons Resort in Bali is an upscale resort that’s located at Sayan in Ubud. At this hotel, you will get to enjoy some of the best views you’ll find in Bali!

The resort is located next to a stunning rainforest and from most of the rooms, you will actually get a view of the rice fields that are often a bit foggy from the mist. Through these rice fields, you will see the Ayung River flowing.

The resort consists of multiple villas that are located in some beautiful, tropical gardens. These gardens are designed to make you feel like you’re located in the actual nature of Bali, but with private pools in them of course.

At the Four Seasons Resort, you can also enjoy the gorgeous spa in which you can enjoy multiple wellness rituals that can last hours at a time! Furthermore the resort offers yoga, bars and restaurants in which they serve both Mediterranean food as well as some Indonesian classics.

5. Alila Villas

If you love a good view of the ocean, you should definitely book a trip to Alila Villas. This hotel is located on the Uluwatu cliff tops, which is what makes the views from your room so spectacular! The villas are rectangular shaped and contain an infinity pool, which is perfect for taking some stunning pictures as well.

The hotel was designed by the Singapore-based WOHA and it’s one of the greenest hotels of Bali. This hotel is actually zero-waste, plastic free and has an amazing water conservation system.

Alila Villas contains 65 villas that are made with slatted wood and natural stone. At the resort, you can enjoy some yoga on the pavilion or try the spa treatments. The hotel is also perfect if you love surfing thanks to the easy access to the ocean!

6. Como Shambhala Estate

In Ubud, you can find a wonderful hotel called the Como Shambhala Estate. This hotel is perfect if you’re looking for a getaway where you can completely recharge yourself! The hotel was designed and opened with the focus on a wellness retreat in 2005 and it’s still one of the best places for Ayurvedic holistic wellness to this day.

At this hotel, you get to stay in a room that looks a lot like a cocoon and you’ll even get your own, personal wellness assistance. It doesn’t matter if you’re here for a detox or just a few days to enjoy yourself.

Como Shambhala Estate contains an infinity pool that provides its guest some amazing views of the jungle and the pool is even blessed by a priest every day! The water at the hotel is from a sacred spring and the food is amazing so it gives you everything you need for a full recharge!

7. Belmond Jimbaran Puri

In Jimbaran Bay, you can find a luxury resort called Belmond Jimbaran Puri. This resort is the best choice in Bali when it comes to a holiday with your family! The resort offers its visitors all kinds of activities for the kids to enjoy, like sandcastle building or classes on how to make a kite!

While the kids play, the adults can enjoy some more cultural activities if they’re up for it. You can visit some amazing temples for example, but the resort also offers cooking lessons. If you want to relax, the resort has its own wellness center where you can enjoy multiple wellness rituals.

One of the best things about the Belmond Jimbaran Puri resort is that you can watch an amazing sunset every day. The villas offer its visitors some of the best garden views on the island and watching the sunset here is simply mesmerizing!

8. Six Senses

Another great choice if you love a spectacular view is the Six Senses resort. This hotel has as many as 28 suites, 75 villas (all with a private pool of course) and infinity pools on 3 tiers! It’s built on a limestone cliff, which makes the hotel all the more impressive and spectacular!

At this resort, you can enjoy some amazing wellness programs at their large spa. At their Nikkei restaurant Crudo, you can enjoy some king crab sushi as well as wagyu nigiri every day if you want to!

9. Hoshinoya Bali

Do you love the jungle of Bali? Then you should visit Hoshinoya Bali in Ubud! The hotel is built as a mix of geometric minimalism with a Balinese jungle style. The resort contains a lagoon swimming pool that runs throughout the entire place. This way, every villa has direct access to the pool.

At the spa of the resort, you can enjoy some yoga as much as twice a day, after which you can grab a bite to eat at their restaurant. The restaurant serves a mix of Balinese and Japanese food, which tastes absolutely amazing! You should also try some of their cocktails at one of the 7 Café Gazebos throughout the valley!

10. Jumeirah Bali

This luxurious resort consists of only villas and is located on the southwestern coast of the Bukit Peninsual. Although the Jumeirah Bali resort is pretty much cut off from the ‘normal’ day to day life in Bali and its locals, the mesmerizing Dreamland Beach of the resort makes up for it.

The villas of Jumeirah Bali are really spacious and elegant, with bathrooms that look more like a spa thanks to the deep tubs where you can enjoy a nice, long bath.

The villas also all have a stunning terrace complete with your own, private pool. The restaurants at the resort serve delicious food as well, which makes this resort perfect for your next getaway!

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