The Longest Road Trips in the World, Mapped

If you’re a lover of long rides and exciting road trips and looking to explore new places this summer, then we have a great list of the longest road trips in the world for you, also nicely mapped. Saba parking in the UK has mapped some of the longest and most unique road trips, including some that don’t yet exist.

If you’ve at one point wondered what’s the longest possible road trip by car, by ferry or even longest single road, then you’re about to find out. From amazing coastal road trips to epic journeys that will take you across Asia in a single route, there’s something for everyone here.

The Longest Land Route (Europe)

Our first journey takes us all the way from Sagres, Portugal to the frozen Siberian wasteland of Talon, Russia. This is the longest road trips in the world by land. After an incredible journey 186 hours and 15, 191km later you’ll finally make it to the edge of Asia, on the way you’ll see 7 different countries and many wondrous sites.

Longest road trips in the world

The Longest Highway in Asia

“Asian Highway 1” is the longest highway in Asia, stretching over 20,000 km with a total driving time of 123 hours! From Istanbul, Turkey the highway will take you through Iran and the middle east, heading through Pakistan, India, Southeast Asia, China, Korea and finally ending in Japan. While there is no bridge from the Korean Peninsula to Japan, you’ll have to take a ferry. However, an undersea tunnel has been proposed for the future.

The Longest Euro-African Road Trip

An epic 181 hour drive and 13,652km will have you complete one of the most beautiful drives on earth, from London all the way to Cape Town in South Africa. On the way you’ll discover 14 wonderful countries, including 12 in Africa alone!

The Longest Coastal Route in the World

The “Wild Atlantic Way” in Ireland is one of the most beautiful and unique coastal routes in the world, it is also the longest at a distance of 2,750km. The 15 hour and 36 minute drive will have you ending up in the Peininishowen Peninsula in the north after starting from the small town of Kinsale in the south.

The Longest Land Route with Ferries

If you’re looking to not only use roads but ferries as well, then this epic 33,612km route will have you covering 3 continents, going all the way from South Africa to remote islands of Indonesia. The route would take around 22 days without stopping, which is of course impossible. There are many beautiful destinations on the way where you should consider staying for a while and resting.

The Longest Single Road Outside of Europe

The longest single road outside of Europe is a loop that connects Perth by a massive loop all away around the country of Australia, with a distance of over 13,000km and a total drive of 165 hours.

The Longest Ring Road in Europe

While not as long as the one in Australia, this is the longest “ring road” in Europe, situated in Iceland at a length of 1,339km with a total driving time of 21 hours and 40 minutes.

The Longest Road Trip of the Future

The longest possible proposed route of the future will be from London all the across the pond to New York. While it sounds like a fantasy, the Trans-Eurasian Belt Development (TEPR) is a proposed route by the Russians connecting Asia to North America over the Bering sea, supposedly using a bridge or tunnel. This amazing route would be almost 20,000km but the time to drive such a long distance along this route has yet to be calculated.

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