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The Longest Walkable Road in the World – 14,000 Miles Long!

The longest walkable road in the world is over 14,000 Miles long and it has never been completed. This route, which spans from Cape Town, South Africa, to Magadan, Russia, may be the longest walk in the world, and it certainly sounds arduous.

Ever wondered what it might be like to take a lengthy, uninterrupted walk? The world’s longest walkable road begins all the way in the southern hemisphere and ends in frozen Siberia.

If you decide to embark on this difficult trail, it will take 587 days to complete if you walk for eight hours each day.

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Three continents, Asia, Europe, and Africa, 16 countries, six time zones, and an experience spanning different seasons and climates will all be encountered on the journey.

This recently found longest walkable road has been compared to 13 trips up and down Mount Everest in terms of distance.

A Closer Look at the Trip

This unbroken trail travels through Botswana, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Tanzania, Uganda, South Sudan, Sudan, Georgia, Egypt, Jordan, Syria, Turkey, Romania, and Belarus after beginning in Cape Town, South Africa.

The walk starts in the coastal community of L’Agulhas and travels through South Africa, passing a few fairly hazardous areas (with high crime rates).

best road trips around world cape town
Cape Town, South Africa

The prospect of visiting Zimbabwe, a nation renowned for its diverse wildlife and difficult geography, is both exciting and difficult to consider.

Mozambique and Zambia are the next countries on the way. You must hike a long distance through national parks to get to Uganda.

You will then enter South Sudan. The difficult reality is that there is no operational road connecting Sudan to Egypt, so entering Sudan from there would require traveling through the Sahara desert.

The trail first enters Jordan, then Israel, and then Syria after traversing the entirety of Egypt.

After leaving Syria, your journey to Magadan will take you through Turkey, Georgia, and finally Russia, where you will pass through the harsh Siberian winter.

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Camping in Georgia

Although Russia is the last destination on the route, you still have eight more months to travel! Not to mention that the journey is about to become much more difficult in terms of climate and environmental factors.

The air gets colder, the landscape gets more desolate, and there are fewer and farther between signs of civilization the further north you walk.

Following somewhat along the Kazakhstan border, you will briefly float over Mongolia before turning northeast to the coast of the Sea of Okhotsk.

olga kurochkina jBF2QkktnMk unsplash
Magadan, Russia

Is completing the trail humanly possible?

Adventurers and famous long-distance walkers have achieved incredible feats while traversing the globe, but the recently discovered longest walkable trail from South Africa to Russia remains untraveled and may remain so for some time to come.

There has never been anyone who has used this route to walk around the globe. As intriguing as it may sound, some of the destinations along the way have historically unstable governments, additional visa requirements, and even civil war situations.

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In addition, an exceptional set of survival skills may be required due to changing temperatures, terrains, and food availability along the way.

How to Plan

You would be traveling through 16 different nations, so you would require entry visas or permits for each. Visa on arrival is not available in every country, and each one will have different vaccination requirements.

Furthermore, just because a route was created on Google Maps doesn’t automatically qualify as a border crossing.

You cannot simply enter a foreign country. You need to go to a border crossing, and you probably need to deviate from your planned path.

How about the survival tools you intend to bring, such as a satellite phone, hatchet, knife, and fire starter?

These would be necessary items due to changing terrain, temperatures, and food availability along the way. But which nations will actually permit you to own them?

That is research on a different level. This would require a significant amount of preparation and logistics.

What to Pack

You would need to bring a lot of equipment in order to do this. In the Russian tundra, what you’ll need for shelter will be very different from what you’ll need in the African Sahara.

How do you transport enough medical supplies to protect yourself from the wide range of potential emergencies?

Anytime you travel to a remote location, minor mishaps can quickly escalate into problems. Simply put, it will be very tricky to bring all the supplies and equipment necessary to handle every potential problem.

Keep in mind that you’ll likely be traveling for weeks at a time through incredibly large empty spaces.

alexander andrews X62F1WQhuLI unsplash

If you decide to make this brave journey, you’ll need to pack a few different outfits because you’ll have to endure everything from sweltering desert heat to trudging through icy Siberia.

Given the drastically different weather along the route, hikers will probably need to purchase new clothing along the way. The hikers will likely need passports, visas, and to register with the authorities.

They will need to exercise caution as they travel through the area. Hikers can perhaps concentrate on the sections that are safe right now and hope that the hazardous sections get safer in the future if they want to make hiking the route a lifelong goal.

This walk can be a little risky, and some parts are in conflict-ridden areas of the world. Even visa restrictions are a significant thing to consider in this situation.

In order for a traveler’s body to withstand fluctuating temperatures, they must have strong survival skills and a healthy immune system.

Numerous long-distance road walkers have set numerous world records, but no one had ever attempted this one before.

You will be the first person to have ever completed the longest world route on foot if you are successful in finishing the trip and making it to Magadan!

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