The Most Photogenic Travel Companion Ever

For those of us with a strong love for travel we know that finding the perfect travel companion to share our journeys with is no easy task. Friendships and relationships most often can be tested, ruined or cemented through the process. In the case of Sylvia and Rasta however, I don’t think anyone can name a more compatible pair.

To get paid to travel and take photos with your beloved dog is something many people could only dream of. For this dynamic duo it all began six and a half years ago when Rasta the White Shepherd came onto the scene.

Image credit – Instagram @rastawhiteshepherd
Image credit – Instagram @rastawhiteshepherd

Rasta came from a cattery in Wattwil in Switzerland but he wasn’t always such a playful puppy. Unfortunately the litter he came from had a virus problem in the beginning, but thankfully he is now strong and fighting fit so he makes up for lost play time on every walk.

Sylvia, her husband and Rasta all live together in a nice apartment at Lake Brienz, Switzerland. Sylvia’s husband works in the home office during the week and sometimes he can join them for weekend adventures but for the main part, it is normally team Sylvia and Rasta.

Rasta is a natural model and always knows exactly when the camera is pointing at him. It’s very rare that he doesn’t feel like posing for the camera but like any great mother, Sylvia always let’s him do what he wants.

When he is in the mood for posing it is at these moments that Sylvia captures the most beautiful picturesque photos.

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Image credit – Instagram @rastawhiteshepherd
Image credit – Instagram @rastawhiteshepherd

Sylvia’s love for photography began from a young age and it was only later in life that she found herself with a lot of spare time to take pictures while she was working as a DJ on the weekends.

To make her pictures more accessible to a larger audience she created her own Instagram account michelphotographych which focussed on landscape photos and now boasts an impressive following of 337,000.

When Rasta came into her life she initially had the thought of integrating his pictures into her account but was unsure if her landscape photo fans would approve of dog photos. This is why she created the Rastawhiteshepherd account which now has an incredible following of 346,000.

She gained this impressive audience from hours of endless work and adventures. Everything first blew through the roof with a video of Rasta eating a flower going viral.

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Image credit – Instagram @rastawhiteshepherd

Since this video first went viral, her videos and photos started to gain traction which has led her to where she is today. Sylvia and Rasta’s adventures continue to inspire many people around the world.

Photography is a very competitive industry and Sylvia has her own blog where she offers many different services. Be sure to follow her account(s) to stay up to date with their incredible adventures.

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Image credit – Instagram @rastawhiteshepherd
Image credit – Instagram @rastawhiteshepherd
Image credit – Instagram @rastawhiteshepherd

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