10 Awesome Things to Do in New South Wales

Australia is known for having some of the best natural Wonders and New South Wales (NSW) is a state in southeastern Australia that is endowed with beautiful coastal cities and national parks.

NSW coast borders the Coral and Tasman seas to the east, so it goes with no say that there are long surfing beaches for enjoyment.

If you happen to be visiting New South Wales, below are the top ten things you should not dare miss out on during your visit.

1. Visiting the City of Wollongong


Wollongong is one of the coastal cities known for its massive industrialization and its enormous port activities. You can always go to the Sea Cliff Bridge to experience the coolness of the Oceanside balanced cantilever bridge or the Jamberoo Action Park for fun waterslides and minigolf experiences.

You cannot have been to Wollongong without having visited the Symbio Wildlife Park to see the diverse zoo animals. For the religious ones, the city is graced with the Fo Guang Shan Nan Tien Temple, where one can offer their prayers and offerings.

2. Visiting Port Macquarie

2. whale

Port Macquarie is a beautiful town situated near River Hasting. It is wildly known for its beaches, wildlife, and the St. Thomas’ Anglican Church.

A walk from the center of the town to the lighthouse will give you the perfect view of the vast waters that are home to whales and dolphins. In Port Macquarie, is also the Billabong Zoo which is a breeding center for Koalas

3. Taste the Diversity of the Parramatta

The multicultural Parramatta is just the perfect destination seeing its combination of a developing art and film scene with buzzing commerce.

Parramatta is a fun place to be, considering the street eateries and trendy bars are ready for you. The place has a park with riverside cycle paths to blow your mind away without forgetting the theatres presenting mainstream drama and concerts.

4. Witness the World’s Whitest Sands of Jervis Bay

4. Jervis Bay
Photo: edwin1973

The Jervis Oceanic Bay is said to have the whitest sands in the World. Its sheltered beach is the best for family vacations, and there are rock pools that are perfect for exploration.

5. Amuse Yourself at the Coffs Harbour

5. Coffs Harbour
Photo: Daniel Ritzenthaler

The Coffs Harbour is known for its scenic beaches and the prominent Banana Monument and Amusement Park. The harbor house the Solitary Islands Marine Park, which is home to wildlife, coral reefs, and seasonal whales.

For bird lovers, this harbor has the Muttonbird Island Reserve which is home to wedge-tailed shearwater birds.

6. Go Skiing

6. Falls Creek Skiing
Courtesy of Dushan Hanuska

NSW is known for its numerous skiing resorts that have many activities such as regular skiing, snowboarding, and cross-country skiing.

The snowy mountains are also a significant fun activity, not forgetting the climbing and hiking.

7. Experience the Vibrant Art and Culture

7. Sydney Opera House

You should make a point of witnessing the iconic performances at the Sydney Opera House. You can always visit the Art Gallery for great modern and contemporary pieces of art.

8. Internalize a Good Outdoor Experience

8. Royal Botanic Gardens

For a splendid outdoor adventure, visit the magnificent Royal Botanic Gardens with glasshouses. Hyde Park is one of the oldest public parks with excellent scenery and is perfect for group activities or just chilling.

9. Dig into the NSW Deep History

9. St. Andrews Cathedral
Photo: Paula Funnell

The existence of both the St. Andrews Cathedral and Christ Church Cathedral provides a gothic revival of architecture and history.

A visit to Monument Hill will educate you about the war memorials. Also, the government house in Sydney is one of the most valuable historic sites in NSW history.

10. Experience the Nightlife and Fantastic Wine

10. nightlife

NSW’s wine is known for being among the best wines in the world, and this means that the clubbing and nightlife are on top of the game. You’d want to spend more nights partying in NSW because who wants a boring life anyway?

NSW has a lot to offer from food, wine, amusement parks, and even history. The best part is that there are diversified fun activities for all age brackets.

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