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14 Things to do in Taxco: Mexico’s Most Beautiful Town

Just three hours’ drive south of Mexico City lies one of Mexico’s best-kept secrets: the quaint, picturesque colonial town of Taxco. Nestled in the mountains of the state of Guerrero, the town has preserved its 16th-century charm and is renowned for its silver mining and jewelry-making tradition.

Considered one of Mexico’s “Pueblos Magicos”, its cobbled streets, white-washed houses, red tile roofs, and stunning Baroque architecture make Taxco a popular destination for tourists seeking to explore the rich cultural heritage of Mexico.

In this post, we’ll be exploring the 12 best things to do in Taxco, from visiting historical landmarks, taking nearby day trips, buying silver, and enjoying the impressive food scene

How to get to Taxco from Mexico City

One of the easiest ways to reach Taxco is by taking a bus from either Mexico City’s southern bus terminal, Taxqueña, or from Cuernavaca. The journey takes approximately three hours from Mexico City, while it takes less than two hours from Cuernavaca.

There are plenty of bus services available every day of the week, offering frequent departures to Taxco. Traveling by bus is not only convenient but also provides a comfortable and affordable option for exploring this charming town.

Best Things to do in Taxco

Explore Santa Prisca Church

Santa Prisca Church (also the Templo de Santa Prisca) is one of the most impressive and well-known landmarks in Taxco, really the centerpiece to the city as it can be seen from almost everywhere. One of the most popular things to do in Taxco is to simply enter the church and enjoy the peace and quiet.

things to do taxco templo

This stunning Baroque church is a masterpiece of architecture and craftsmanship, built in the 18th century by Jose de la Borda, a wealthy silver miner.

things to do taxco church

The church is located in the center of town, and its façade is decorated with intricate carvings and sculptures. Visitors can take a guided tour of the church and learn about its history and significance.

We highly recommend climbing to the top of the church for 100 pesos to get an epic view of the town (pictured below). Not many people know about this, and it will be completely empty at the top. Just ask the staff and they will let you know how to get up.

Wander around the Zocalo

Tbest things to do in Taxco, Mexico

The Zocalo is the main square in Taxco and is the hub of the town’s social life. It’s surrounded by restaurants, shops, and historical buildings, and is a popular gathering spot for locals and tourists alike. The square is home to a beautiful fountain, and its benches provide a great spot for people watching.

Take a Cable Car Ride

For stunning views of the town and surrounding mountains, take a cable car ride up to the top, known as the Teleferico de Taxco. It’s a swiss-built cable car, so if you’re worried about safety, that should reassure you.

things to do taxco cable car
View of the town from inside the cable car.

The ride takes you from the center of town up to the top of the mountain, where you can take in panoramic views of the town and the countryside. The cable car closes at 7pm, so make sure to get down before then, or you might have to walk!

From there you can head over to the famous Hotel Montetaxco (just 2 min walk away) and take a dip in the pool, have lunch, or just enjoy the stunning vistas. The cable car is an exciting way to see the beauty of Taxco from a different perspective.

Discover the Prehistoric Mines of Taxco

things to do taxco prehistoric mine

Mina Prehispánica de Taxco is a newer attraction in the city of an underground silver mine that was only discovered in 2012, underneath of a nightclub! It’s a unique experience and for sure one of the most underrated things to do in Taxco.

For a fee of $150 pesos per person, visitors can take a tour of the mine, which includes a free shot of flavoured mezcal after the tour.

things to do taxco artwork
Artwork in the hotel above the mine.

During the tour, the guide provides a detailed history of the incredible mines below, mostly in Spanish. The mine itself is impressive, with gold, silver and many other elements covering the cave walls. The tour takes around 1 hour to complete, and at the end you’ll emerge atop a neat hotel with a pool and interesting artwork.

Walk Around the Narrow Streets

One of the highlights and best things to do in Taxco is simply discovering the picturesque backstreets en route to the popular sites and attractions. All throughout the town, you’ll find numerous multi-story houses, most of which are adorned with white siding with balconies and vibrant floral arrangements.

things to do taxco back streets

The dazzling array of white structures perched on the hillside will instantly transport you to a Mediterranean destination…with the delightful twist of the white Volkswagen Beetle taxis adding to the charm!

Enjoy a Drink at a Rooftop Bar

Taxco has a number of rooftop bars with beautiful views of the town. They’re a great place to relax with a drink and take in the sights. One of our favourites is Rosa Amaranto (pictured below), which is a restaurant with one of the best views in all of Taxco.

things to do taxco rooftop drink

Some other popular rooftop bars include La Terraza (epic view of the church below),Sky Bar at Hotel Montetaxco and Mirador del Hotel Agua Escondida. Exploring all the amazing rooftop bars is for sure one of our favourite things to do in Taxco.

Visit the Christ the Redeemer Statue

things to do taxco christ redeemer statue

The Christ the Redeemer (or El Cristo Panoramico)statue provides a stunning view of the city of Taxco from its lofty position atop a hill. If you have already experienced the birds-eye view from the cableway of Hotel Montetaxco, it may not be necessary to make the trek up the hill to visit the statue, as the views are similar from both locations.

If you have the time and don’t mind a little exercise, visiting El Cristo Panoramico is a great idea. You can either take a taxi there and back for 120 pesos, or you can choose to hike up to the statue and enjoy the spectacular views, although you’ll be tired when you arrive. No matter how you arrive, it’s one of the best things to do in Taxco.

Attend a Festival or Event

Taxco hosts a number of festivals and events throughout the year, including the International Guitar Festival in March and the Silver Fair in November. These events are a great opportunity to experience the town’s culture and traditions, and are one of the funnest things to do in Taxco.

The most famous festival in Taxco is the Holy Week (Semana Santa) procession, which features elaborate floats and costumes and attracts thousands of visitors from around the world. Although Semana Santa festivities have become more subdued in many other parts of Mexico, Taxco remains steadfast in its traditional celebrations, which involve graphic reenactments of Biblical events.

For an authentic Semana Santa experience, Taxco is an especially remarkable destination. As part of the Procession of the Souls of Purgatory, men dressed in black robes carry holy wooden crosses and sculptures from churches in Taxco and neighboring villages through the streets of the city.

Explore the Cacahuamilpa Caves

things to do taxco cacahuamilpa Caves

Located just 35 minutes north of Taxco, the Cacahuamilpa Caves are a must-visit attraction. The caves are enormous, with towering stalactites and stalagmites. There are also guided tours available. The entrance fee to the caves is currently 100 MXN pesos and it’s definitely worth it as the caves stretch for over 2km underground.

We recommend taking this tour here which is a full day all inclusive tour, that begins and ends in Mexico City.

Try the Local Cuisine

Taxco has a rich culinary tradition, and there are a number of local dishes that you should try while you’re there. Some of the must-try dishes include pozole, tamales, and mole. Pozole is a traditional soup made with hominy, pork, and spices.

things to do taxco cuisine
Carnitas with Chiles en Nogada

Tamales are steamed corn masa filled with various ingredients such as meat, vegetables, and chili sauce. Mole is a complex sauce made with chili peppers, nuts, seeds, and chocolate, and is often served over chicken or pork.

Visit the Silver Markets

Taxco is known for its silver jewelry, and the town has a number of shops and markets selling handmade silver pieces, making it one of the most popular things to do in Taxco.

things to do taxco silver markets

The Silver Market is a great place to browse for unique jewelry, and you can find everything from simple silver studs to intricate bracelets and necklaces. Be sure to bargain for the best prices!

Cascada De Cacalotenango

Nestled amidst a coniferous forest, only 20 minutes west of Taxco lies a breathtaking 80-meter waterfall, which offers a spectacular landscape. The waterfall is sourced from the Plan of Fields creek, which originates from the surrounding hills. Visitors can explore the area’s scenic trails on long walks or take a more relaxed approach by horseback riding. This natural wonder offers an ideal setting for ecotourism activities and adventure sports.

things to do taxco Cascada De Cacalotenango

To reach the waterfall from Taxco city, visitors can take the Taxco – Ixcateopan de Cuauhtémoc state road, which covers a distance of 7 kilometers. With its serene surroundings and natural beauty, this waterfall is a must-visit destination for nature enthusiasts and adventure seekers.

Take a Day Trip to Iguala

Iguala is a nearby town that’s worth visiting if you have some extra time. It’s home to the Palacio de la Plata, a beautiful neoclassical building that was once a silver trading center. The town also has a number of historic churches and colonial buildings.

Visit the Casa Borda Cultural Center

The Casa Borda Cultural Center is a beautiful 18th-century mansion that has been converted into a cultural center. It hosts exhibitions, workshops, and concerts throughout the year. The center is named after Jose de la Borda, the wealthy silver miner who built Santa Prisca Church. *This attraction is temporarily closed.*

Where to Stay in Taxco?

William Hotel de Diseño

Situated in the heart of Taxco de Alarcón amidst the enchanting winding streets and charming Spanish-style houses, the William Hotel de Diseño is a delightful accommodation option. The hotel features an à la carte restaurant, as well as rooms equipped with air conditioning and complimentary WiFi.

Each room is appointed with wooden furnishings, tiled floors, and a flat-screen cable TV. At the onsite restaurant,El Americano, visitors can indulge in American-inspired cuisine, while JUCU Bar serves up signature cocktails and snacks. The hotel is located a mere 300 meters away is the San Sebastián Church.

Hotel Agua Escondida

This colonial-style hotel, situated merely one block away from Parroquia de Santa Prisca Church, boasts an array of amenities, including an outdoor swimming pool and a rooftop terrace affording panoramic city views. The on-site spa offers an extensive range of massage and beauty treatments, including options such as a Hot Stone Massage and a chocolate exfoliating body wrap.

The cozy rooms offer scenic views of either the street or the hotel patio. Each room comes equipped with cable TV, a telephone, and complimentary bottled water. The private bathroom features a shower and complimentary toiletries.

On-site you’ll find the La Hacienda restaurant, which serves a variety of Mexican and international cuisine, while a buffet is available on Sundays. For a refreshing beverage, guests can head to Café Punta del Cielo, the rooftop café.

Hotel Cielito Lindo


If you’re looking for a more budget-style accommodation, we recommend Hotel Cielito Lindo, which is not to far from the center of town (800 meters) so you can easily discover the best things to do in Taxco.

The hotel offers guests a comfortable stay with its range of amenities, including a garden, free private parking, a terrace, and an on-site restaurant. Guests can enjoy a drink at the bar and chill at the pool during their stay.

Things to do in Taxco Summary

Taxco is a charming and historic town that offers visitors a wealth of cultural and recreational activities. From exploring the town’s winding streets and colonial architecture to visiting its many museums and churches, there is plenty to see and do in Taxco.

The town is also a great place to shop for unique silver jewelry and other handicrafts. Visitors can take in the stunning views from the town’s cable car or enjoy a refreshing dip in the nearby waterfalls. With its lively nightlife and bustling marketplaces, Taxco is a must-visit destination for anyone looking to experience the rich culture and heritage of Mexico.

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