This couple converted an old school bus into a home on wheels

Living off the grid is definitely an idea that a lot of people entertain at some point in their life but most of the time it remains just that, an idea. We like to dream of the possibilities of a remote job which enables us to travel and work at the same time but very few people can say that they have ticked this box. 

After dreaming of this lifestyle for years Robbie and Priscilla can proudly say that they have finally broken away from the monotony of their daily lives. Armed with the desire to explore new places and try new foods and experience different cultures they bought an old 1998 Thomas school bus with one goal – to spend the next couple of years travelling in it. 

With the desire for it to be their home for the foreseeable future they knew that they wanted to make it as homely as possible so a standard RV / Campervan wasn’t quite going to do the job. Admirers of people that choose to lead a minimalist lifestyle, what better than to build a small home on wheels in an old bus.

Like any great task worth undertaking it wasn’t all smooth sailing and they almost gave up on their dream twice. The biggest issue that they stumbled across was that the windows were leaking and no matter what they did they couldn’t figure out how to stop it. After cleaning them and reinstalling new seals multiple times they kept leaking which would be a major issue for their tiny house on wheels so they listed the gutted bus on craigslist. 

Luckily after a change of heart they took the listing down and decided to undertake the expensive option of replacing the windows all together. It put a big dent in their budget and all happened in the first few months but thankfully with windows that didn’t leak it allowed them to continue on with their project. 

Prior to starting the bus build the pair had always travelled whenever the chance presented itself. The biggest thing that bothered them about travelling was that they hated leaving their pets at home and always missed them while they were away. One and a half years after starting the project they had finally completed their home on wheels. They even added an actual house door to give it a warm and welcoming look. Finally they were ready to get off grid with their cat ‘Mr. Beebles’. 

Their home on wheels is fully equipped with a toilet, hot water, air conditioning, heaters, a washing and drying machine and everything else one may need for life on the road. Robbie and Priscilla manage their business remotely so as long as they have an internet connection they can work from anywhere. They left their home in Florida last year and have visited 137 different cities over a 10 month period. COVID has thrown a spanner in the works for some of the upcoming plans abroad they had planned but hopefully they’ll be off on a new adventure soon. Make sure to stay up to speed with their adventures on Instagram @going_boundless

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