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This Floating Taco Bar In The Caribbean Is Epic

Anchored off the east side of the U.S. Virgin Island of St. John in the Caribbean, Lime Out’s floating taco shack draws customers from shore with a sirens call.

The restaurant offers one of the unique dining experiences in the Caribbean, where guests can enjoy a taco in one hand and a spiked beverage in the other while bobbing on the waves.

Where Did the Idea for a Floating Taco Shack Come From?

The restaurant is anchored in Coral Harbor and is the brainchild of childhood friends Richard Baranowski, Dane Tarr, and Dylan Buchalter.

Baranowski also owns the local restaurant Lime Inn. He situated chef Amaro Rivera in the floating kitchen, where he created the lunch menu for Lime Out. 

The lime green restaurant is hard to miss on the water and draws in customers from the shore. The restaurant was built in Coral Bay and is a 12m long construction with a docking area on one side and a swim-up bar on the other.

How to Get to Lime Out

Those wanting to visit Lime Out have to hire a speedboat, kayak, or paddleboard to get to the restaurant. The bar is 100 feet offshore, but swimming to the restaurant is forbidden.

As Lime Out is in a no-wake zone, customers paddle out to their destination, dock their boat, and swim the short distance to reach the restaurant. 

The floating restaurant is surrounded by floatings booths, where guests can kick back and relax while enjoying the food and drink.

Alternatively, guests can enjoy the swim-up bar, immersing themselves in the water before chowing down, using the water as their napkin.

The Lime Out Menu

The menu melds Caribbean flavors and local ingredients into a taco for the best one-handed eating experience. Visitors can hold a saucy tortilla in one hand and a drink in the other while enjoying the scenery and company.

Lime Out’s stand-out craft cocktails made with the most refreshing ingredients quench the thirst while taking in the magnificent and immersive views at the restaurant.

The menu includes signature beverages, like The Danger, a Thai chili-infused blue agave tequila, fresh watermelon juice, fresh lime juice, and simple pineapple syrup.

Wiley’s Whiskey uses ingredients like whisky, tamarind juice, fresh lemon juice, and fresh lime juice. A designated boat driver is a good idea with all of Lime Out’s signature beverages to enjoy. 

The tacos range from $8 to $12, with a Short Rib Taco that has feta, cherry tomatoes, local and organic micro greens, and slow braised short rib.

The menu also offers The Vegan Taco with Paprika smoked black beans, quinoa, pickled onions, guacamole, jalapeños, sliced radishes, and local organic micro greens. Everything on the menu screams fresh and delicious.

The restaurant takes the environment seriously, using 100% solar power, reusable cups, and biodegradable containers.

After imbibing the signature beverages, guests can hop back into their vessels with their reusable cup and their Lime Out merchandise to commemorate the experience at the floating restaurant.

Guests to the island will want to make a trip out to the floating taco shack, if not for the amazing food, but for the incredible experience.

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