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Top 10 Places to Visit in Croatia

Found in Central Europe, Croatia is another great country in the Mediterranean. It features a plethora of cultural, historic as well as natural wonders. Croatia is also one of the hottest destinations to go yachting with many yacht-friendly islands and port towns to explore. Check out our list and find your favorite spot amongst the 10 best places to visit in Croatia.

10. Swim in Krka National Park

This beautiful and increasingly popular park is named after the River Krka which runs right down the center, culminating in cascading waterfalls and swimmable lakes and ponds.

Famous also for its rich plant and wildlife, it also has lots of hiking trails, lakes, gardens, forests, and waterfalls to check out. The best way to experience the park is with a boat tour excursion down the river.

Places to visit in Croatia
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9. Relax at the Golden Horn

A very unusual and unique-looking beach, forming a point or “horn” into the Adriatic Sea with clear blue water and white sandy beaches.

Known as Zlatni Rat in Croatian it stretches for 530 meters into the sea and it attracts many tourists for water sports, sun bathing, and cooling off in the hot summer sun. The Golden Horn has high winds due to its shape and thus windsurfing is very popular.

Golden Cape

8. Experience History in Rab

Once ruled by the Byzantine Empire, Austria, and Venice, this ancient city has been around for a long time. Rich in cultural and historic heritage as well as amazing architecture, it also has some amazing pristine beaches.

The actual town has many cultural activities you can experience, and Lopar Peninsula is best known for its sandy beaches.

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Photo by Boudewijn “Bo” Boer on Unsplash

7. Explore Hvar Island

Considered a jewel of the Dalmatian islands, Hvar has been an important port for the Romans, Byzantines, and Greeks since antiquity. You can see the history in the exceptional architectural monuments, popular with tourists as well as scientists, archeologists, and historians.

The wine here is among the best in Croatia, so be sure to relax on the coast with a nice glass of wine admiring the lavender fields and ancient olive trees. There is also a good nightlife scene here.

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6. Check out the Island of Trogir

A unique, historic town located on an island in the Adriatic Sea, it was founded by the greeks in the 3rd century BC. A protected UNESCO heritage site, there are amazing architectural wonders from various time periods.

It is known to have the most well-preserved examples of Romanesque-Gothic architecture in Europe and is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Croatia.

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Image by neufal54 from Pixabay

5. Hike Plitvice Lakes National Park

This nature reserve is one of the most popular destinations in Croatia. The mountains, waterfalls, and crystal-clear blue lakes are the defining and recognizable features of the park.

The water erodes limestone, causing “karst” formations. Because of this, there are a lot of caves and waterfalls in the area.

The park is packed with tourists during the busy season, mostly here for hiking, the main trails take around 4 and a half hours to complete. It’s also a good idea to know the best routes in Plitvice Lakes to avoid crowds

You will see some interesting wildlife as well as amazing scenery. In fact, the waterfalls made our list of the top 12 most beautiful waterfalls in the world.

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Image by Waltteri Paulaharju from Pixabay
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4. Visit Pag Island

Part of the Dalmatian archipelago, it’s one of the largest islands in Croatia. Coupled with its unspoiled nature and breathtaking scenery, it has the longest coastline in the Croatian Adriatic, along with many pristine sandy beaches to explore.

Besides some wonderful architecture and nature, Pag is also famous for its lamb, smoked ham, cheese and wine. Bars here are open 24 hours so it’s also a popular nightlife area.

pag island
Image by Filip Kruchlik from Pixabay

3. Wander Around in Zagreb

Being Croatia’s capital and also the largest city, you can expect to have a lot of things to do and see. It’s full of historical attractions, landmarks, and tons of cafes, restaurants, museums, and cultural venues.


2. Discover Split

Known as the “Mediterranean Flower,” Zagreb is the second largest city in Croatia. It’s a city sprawling with Gothic and Renaissance architecture, so it’s a good city to get lost in. The Diocletian’s Palace is the main attraction of Split which belonged to a Roman Emperor and is made of marble.

The city is a must-visit for anyone interested in architecture. This is also a famous  Game of Thrones film location.

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1. Chillout in Dubrovnik

One of the most popular destinations in the Mediterranean, Dubrovnik is famous for its historic influence and is a UNESCO heritage site. Famous for being the inspiration and filming location of Kings Landing in Game of Thrones, it’s also full of cute, wonderful boutique hotels.

There are tons to do here; have fun in the summer festivals, go sailing, relax on the beach, and of course experience the city’s wonderful architecture. There are great beaches and resorts that you mustn’t miss while you’re here. dubrovnik city 2236067 1280

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