Travelling without spending money

Are you working the 9-5 hour days or doing shift work and spending it daydreaming about your next holiday? Have you got the “travel bug”? I can tell you right now that I most definitely am too.

After returning back from traveling Europe for 2 months I am now counting the day the days until my next holiday. Now, I’m thinking a lot of you reading this might be in the same position as I am.

You’re stuck between trying to save up as much money as possible and still wanting to try and make the most out of each day off until your holiday.

I have come up with a list of places that are so incredible it almost feels like you are back on holiday again, but this time it is local. These places are all found in my home state of Queensland, Australia.

However, if you are not currently here they are still great ideas to find similar spots wherever you are in the world. These places are also a bonus because they are all free (especially when saving for that plane ticket to your next adventure!).

Fairy Pools, Noosa Heads

The fairy pools, appropriately named for their crystal clear waters are located 2 hours north of Brisbane City at the Noosa National Park.

There are 2 amazing tidal pools. To get there you need to walk a fair distance along the national park walkway. When you hit the lookout point you must climb down rocks to reach the pools.

It is worth the walk for sure however, they can get busy during the summer season so I recommend going on a weekday.

Gardener Falls, Maleny

Maleny is found on the Sunshine Coast. It is a little town based on land. It is home to a scenic rainforest walk that ends with a magnificent waterfall, known as Gardener Falls.

There is a giant swimming hole at the bottom of the waterfall. It is the perfect place to have a picnic with friends and spend the day swimming and doing cliff jumping and rope swinging.

Mount Ngungun, Glass House Mountains

Glass House Mountains are not too far away from Maleny. There are a number of mountains to climb but Mount Ngungun is recommended for anyone.

It takes under an hour to climb to the top. There is a path that you follow however once you get closer to the top you do have to climb rocks.

Nothing to stress about it isn’t full-on rock climbing. Once you get to the top it has a view of both inland and all the way out to the ocean because of its location. The best time to go climbing is at sunrise.

This will make the view even more beautiful (also fewer people, especially on a weekday).

Bribie Island Beaches

Bribie Island is situated less than an hour north of Queensland’s capital, Brisbane. It is the only island in Queensland connected by a bridge.

It is easily accessible so a perfect place to explore. There are both kinds of beaches, calm on the passage side and surf on the eastern side.

I mostly recommend getting a 4WD and heading up north to spend the day enjoying the beach or even camping if you want. The beaches have amazing blue waters with white sand.

We would love to hear if you have ever been to these places and what you thought about them. Also if you recommend other places to check out too.

If you are not sure where to go in your area let us know where and we can look into it and help you out with some suggestions.

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