Top 5 treks in Bhutan

Trekking In Bhutan – 5 Epic Treks

An enchanting escapade through the lofty mountains trekking in Bhutan will not only leave you in awe of its unusual beauty but will also engrave its effects deep in your memories for the rest of your life.

It will leave you breathless, well literally you will be breathless as you will be taken to elevations above 7000 meters above sea level along terrains submerged deep in snow.

Bhutan’s pristine nature and jagged mountainous landscape provide an ideal opportunity to trek across some of the most beautiful sceneries.

Bhutan is a landlocked country, also recognized as one of the world’s hotspot biodiversity with a rich ecosystem and all these can be experienced by trekking in Bhutan.

Since most trekking routes are in the northern part of the country it allows the trekkers to have an amazing experience with the natural landscape completely cut off from the rest of the country and only a few yak herders inhabit the high northern parts of the country.

The daunting magnificent mountains are best known for their ability to allure inquisitive explorers from all over the world.

Trekking in Bhutan can offer a multitude of thrilling experiences such as fresh mountain air, outstanding views, and most importantly a great opportunity to immerse in the natural environment. Here is a list of top 5 treks in Bhutan:

Druk Path Trek

Duration: 10 days

Maximum Elevation: 4200 meters

Difficulty: Easy to Medium

Best Season: Mid-March to June & Mid-October to November

drukpath trek

Druk path trek is moderately short and is perfect for amateur trekkers. This trek is a good overture to trekking in Bhutan.

The trek kicks off in Paro valley and through to Thimphu valley or it can also be done the other way round. The route includes passing a series of mountains that divide the two valleys.

The trekkers will be taken through striking lakes and amidst spectacular rhododendron forests which are in a full riot in the month of May turning the passes into a beautiful rhododendron garden.

Before reaching Thimphu Valley you will be able to catch a glimpse of Mount Gangkar Puensum. At 7570m of elevation, the peak is known as Bhutan’s tallest peak and probably the highest unclimbed mountain in the world.

Numerous adventure junkies tried climbing the mountain but all failed and some even lost their lives, after which the government of Bhutan finally put a restriction on it.

Snowman Trek

Duration: 30 days

Maximum Elevation: 4650 meters

Difficulty: Challenging, tough

Best Season: March, April in spring, and September and October in the fall.

snowman trek

This trek bags the title of being one of the most difficult treks in the world. The trek starts off in Paro and is completed in Bumthang.

The trek requires brave enduring adventurists to embark on this demanding snowman trek. With a duration of 30 days, this is also the longest trek in Bhutan.

It takes the trekkers through the most beautiful sceneries, crossing over six mountains that are mostly at an elevation of 7000 meters and nine mountain passes which are all over 4500 meters.

The trekkers are sometimes required to camp on snow. The best thing about trekking in Bhutan is that you will find scarce to no settlements in the region providing an authentic trekking experience.

The Jhomolhari Trek

Duration: 12 days

Maximum Elevation: 4930 meters

Difficulty: Medium

Best Season: March to June & September to November

Jhomolhari trek

The Jhomolhari trek is comparatively a reasonable trek ranging from 7 days to 12 days depending on the routes chosen.

The trek will take the trekkers over Bhonte La pass at 4,890m and Takhung La pass at 4,520m. The best part of the trek is the spectacular view of Mt. Jhomolhari at 7,326m and the wide range of landscapes, pristine lakes, and remarkable vegetation.

Mount Jomolhari symbolizes the border between Bhutan and Tibet. The Jomolhari trek is the most popular among tourists.

Dagala Thousand Lakes Trek

Duration: 6 days

Maximum Elevation: 4500 meters

Difficulty: medium

Best Season: April May, June, September, October

dagala thousand lake trek

The Dagala thousand lake trek is a moderate trek that lasts for six days. The trekkers will be taken amidst some of the most spectacular lakes and offer views of the magnificent Himalayan ranges including Mount Everest and Mount Kangchenjunga.

This particular trek requires trekkers to climb up and down over ridges and often through steep valleys. Trekkers are likely to meet nomadic herders tending yaks on the way.

Bumthang Owl Trek

Duration: 3 days

Maximum Elevation: 4000 meters

Difficulty: Easy

Best Season: March, April, May, June, November, December

Bumthang owl trek

This trek takes place in the Bumthang district and is also the easiest trek in Bhutan. Anyone with no knowledge or experience in trekking can embark on this trek.

Bumthang district is known as the religious hub of the country. Unlike other treks, this trek offers an opportunity to get in touch with pristine nature as well as the option to visit sacred ancient Buddhist monasteries.  

The trekking trail will take you through a wide variety of forests such as blue pine, maple, juniper, birch, and spruce.

The trek will also treat you with an unparalleled view of the mighty Mount Gangkar Puensum. The mount bags the title of being the world’s highest unclimbed mountain.

How to book a trek to Bhutan

Bhutan mandates a stern policy of tourism to preserve its natural environment and cultural heritage by avoiding mass tourism.

Therefore, most part of the country is still untouched and pristine thus providing an authentic experience to true adventure seekers.

In order to experience the true essence of trekking through pristine mountains in Bhutan, you are required to book your tour with a government-registered local travel agency like BookMyTour.

After getting in touch with them all will be taken care of by the travel agent.

When to trek in Bhutan

Nestled in the heart of the eastern Himalayas, Bhutan is a tiny nation enclosed by giants like India to the south and China in the North.

Bhutan’s weather is mostly influenced by Indian Monsoon thus making it difficult to trek in the summer and winter seasons, therefore, leaving spring(March-May) and fall(September- October)to be the best seasons to trek.

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