8 Things You Should Do On Your Los Angeles Trip

Iconic landmarks, vivacious cultural scene, sunny skies, gorgeous beaches and the glamour of Hollywood—LA has it all. 

Fondly known as the City of Angels, LA is always on the top of any traveler’s bucket list. Whether you want to explore beaches, get on the thrilling rids, experience the great Hollywood culture or find peace, the city has something for everyone. It is unlike any other city in the USA. 

Are you going to LA for the very first time? While it may be an exciting journey, it is quite overwhelming to choose things. Don’t worry!

Here I have outlined the things that help you get the maximum of your LA trip. 

1. Explore the Beaches

LA is known for its gorgeous beaches. Good thing is that all are open for the public. They are one of the things that define the City of Angels. 

Talking about the Santa Monica Bay, it is a C-shaped shoreline, with a major part of its beachfront looking to the west, except Malibu and Santa Monica. The coastline turns and faces south as it goes through Orange County. 

Whether you want to unwind on the sand or gear up for some beach yoga, LA beaches has something for everyone. You will come across active beaches featuring water sports, volleyball and other things. 

Newport Beach

2. Live Up Your Fantasies at Disneyland

This is one of the greatest LA attractions you can’t afford to miss. Located around an hour’s drive from Downtown LA in Orange County, Disneyland was one of the first Disney’s chains of theme parks. It’s been the iconic attractions for the tourists since 1955. This amazing amusement park is built on the themed areas ranging from Fantasyland to Hollywood Land and Tomorrowland to Cars Land. 

Disney fans of all ages get an opportunity to meet their Disney characters, scream abroad adventurous rides, cheer on parades and get amazed by fireworks. And it will make you feel as if you’re right in your favorite Pixar or Disney movie.

3. Board Thrill Rides at Six Flags Magic Mountain

Are you ready to pump up your adrenaline rush? 

If so, the thrill rides at Six Flags Magic Mountain await you. They are some of the fastest, tallest, wildest and heart-pumping rides in the nation. Spanning across a 262 acre land in Santa Clarita, the park features 19 roller coasters. And it is the only park with the most roller coasters in the world. 

Want to become Batman?

Well, you need to get onto Batman The Ride to experience what it feels like to be Batman. It features a 105-foot lift with a full 360-degree loop right from the start. Another exciting ride is the Dive Devil that is 48” high with 60 mph speed. 

4. Say Hi to Hollywood

Don’t believe the guides claiming that there is nothing to do in Hollywood. An iconic symbol of the showbiz, Hollywood features landmarks like TCL Chinese Theatre and star-studded Walk of Fame. 

Visit the Walk of Fame that is a series of stars integrated with the sidewalk, rejoicing of celebs’ achievement in performing arts. You are sure to come across celebrity impersonators at the sidewalk, posing for photos with the passersby, and everyone is likely to get the glimpse of the hand footprints at the Chinese Theatre. The neighborhood of Hollywood is dotted with the Hollywood Bowl, Paramount Studios and the Hollywood Heritage Museum. 

5. See Strange Things at The Museum of Jurassic Technology

Don’t judge the museum by its name. It has nothing to do with dinosaurs. However, it bewilders with a lot of other strange sights. For example, the museum houses incredibly tiny sculptures and a bat that can fly through the walls. This institute offers a blend of fact and fiction to the visitors. It is considered as LA’s strangest museum. 

John Nakamura Remy

6. Visit Iconic Film Sets at Universal Studios Hollywood

Universal Studios Hollywood is a popular film studio and theme park located in the San Fernando Valley of LA. It is one of the most popular Hollywood film studios that are still in use. It is true to its official slogan that reads “The Entertainment Capital of LA”. After all, there is so much to see and do that you’ll likely need to spend an entire day to get the real Universal experience. 

Go through the mysterious Hogwarts Castel and take on the rides and attractions that send you into the world of magical thrills. How will you protect yourself from The Walking Dead? And “Jurassic Park: The Ride” is not meant for the faint of heart as you encounter the intimidating and huge dinosaurs on the way. 

Darshan Patel

7. Boost Your Knowledge at Huntington Library

Counted among the world’s great research libraries, the Huntington in San Marino, houses over nine million items, dating from the 1000s to the 21st century. The library is located in 120 acres of a beautiful botanical garden, with splendid living collections of bonsai, cycads, orchids, and camellias. Don’t forget to explore the sculpture, painting and decorative arts at the Huntington Art Gallery. 


8. Go for a Waterside Strolls at Venice Canals

Known as the Venice of America, these splendid waterways are filled by the Pacific through sea gates the Marina Del Rey Breakwater. These waterways have been featured in movies like A Nightmare on Elm Street. 

9. Take Your Hungry Soul to LA Farmer’s Market

Your trip to LA is incomplete without LA Farmer’s market. Founded in 1934, the market is known for offering fresh produce, grocery and shopping opportunities to local. The market also hosts an assortment of evens for people of all ages, such as, dance parties and charity events.  


10. Brave Thrill Rides at Knott’s Berry Farm:

Knott’s Berry Farm can be one of the perfect LA destinations for a fan of big adventurous rides. The park houses 40 rides, including dark rides, water rides, roller coasters and family rides. 

You can get there by the Los Angeles Metro or the Metro Express Line 460 running between Downtown LA to Disneyland OCTA bus routes.



So these are some iconic attractions you shouldn’t miss on your LA trip at any cost. To make your trip more convenient, make sure to book local transportation like shuttle services and accommodation in advance. 

Enjoy your LA trip!!!

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