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Most Stunning Underground Homes Around the World

Beneath the surface of our planet lies a hidden world of architectural wonder. From ancient cave dwellings to cutting-edge, eco-friendly subterranean mansions, these underground homes stand as testaments to human ingenuity and our innate connection with the Earth.

In this article, we embark on a journey to discover some of the most breathtaking and innovative underground residences from around the world. These unique homes offer an extraordinary blend of luxury, history, and sustainability, redefining the very notion of what it means to live below ground.

Cave House in Festus, Missouri

Cave house Old Goris2
Photo via Wikimedia

Nestled in the heart of Festus, Missouri, this extraordinary underground dwelling is a true geological marvel. Carved into a sandstone cave, the home seamlessly integrates with the natural rock formations, creating a unique and environmentally conscious abode. Visitors are greeted by the soothing sounds of an underground waterfall, adding to the charm of this subterranean wonder.

Matmata, Tunisia

Underground Houses of Matmata Tunisia

Matmata, a remote village in southern Tunisia, gained international fame as the backdrop for Luke Skywalker’s home in “Star Wars.” The troglodyte dwellings, carved into the soft rock, are a testament to the resourcefulness of the Berber people who have inhabited them for centuries. These homes offer a cool and stable microclimate, making them a unique experience for those seeking an otherworldly adventure.

Coober Pedy, Australia

Coober Pedy Dug out in Coober Pedy
Photo via Wikimedia

Dubbed the “Opal Capital of the World,” Coober Pedy in the Australian Outback is home to a thriving community of underground houses. These homes, or “dugouts,” are carved into the hillsides to escape the extreme desert heat. Their interiors are cozy and comfortable, and many residents also use them as opal mines, combining living spaces with places of work.

Vardzia, Georgia

Vardzia Cave Monastery Georgia 2

Vardzia, an ancient cave city, is an archaeological wonder nestled in the cliffs of Georgia. In the 12th century, monks carved out hundreds of rooms, chapels, and tunnels in the rock, creating a sprawling underground monastery. The subterranean architecture and stunning frescoes are a testament to the ingenuity and spirituality of the time.

The Underground House, Las Vegas

Beneath the glittering lights of Las Vegas, a modern subterranean mansion redefines luxury living. This architectural marvel features high-end amenities, including an indoor swimming pool, a home theater, and a glass wall that provides a unique underwater view. The home’s partial underground design not only offers privacy but also reduces energy consumption.

Basilica Cistern, Istanbul

basilica cistern

Beneath the bustling streets of Istanbul lies the mesmerizing Basilica Cistern, a remarkable underground home for ancient water supply. The cistern’s forest of columns and the soft illumination create a mysterious and enchanting atmosphere, making it one of the world’s most unique underground spaces.

Earth House Estate, Dietikon, Switzerland

Dietikon Lattenstrasse Erdhaus Peter Vetsch IMG 6126
Photo via Wikimedia

The Earth House Estate in Switzerland is a remarkable example of eco-friendly underground living. This collection of homes is nestled into the earth, blending seamlessly with the natural landscape. Featuring grass-covered roofs and sustainable design principles, these residences are a testament to the harmony that can be achieved between modern architecture and the environment.

Malator, Wales

Malator known locally as Teletubby house geograph.org .uk 18618
Photo via Wikimedia

Perched on the stunning cliffs of the Welsh coastline, Malator, also known as the Teletubby House, is a contemporary underground dwelling that defies convention. Its design incorporates a grassy roof, making it almost invisible from a distance and allowing it to merge with the pristine natural surroundings.

Shimao Wonderland InterContinental, China

Screenshot 50
Photo via Intercontinental Hotels

In China’s Songjiang District, the Shimao Wonderland InterContinental stands as a testament to human engineering and audacity. Built within a former quarry, this luxury underground hotel is a breathtaking fusion of opulent accommodation and stunning underwater views, making it a unique and extraordinary destination for travelers seeking an unparalleled experience.

The Underground Hygge, Washington

Inspired by the cozy and sustainable lifestyle of the Scandinavians, The Underground Hygge in Washington offers a unique underground cottage experience. Set against the backdrop of the Pacific Northwest’s lush forests, this charming dwelling features earthy tones, a rustic aesthetic, and eco-friendly amenities, making it an ideal retreat for those seeking comfort and connection with nature.

Underground City of Derinkuyu, Turkey

best things to do cappadocia derinkuyu

The Underground City of Derinkuyu is an ancient subterranean marvel, an intricate network of tunnels, rooms, and passages that spans multiple levels. Built to serve as a hidden refuge during times of conflict, this historical underground city in Turkey showcases the innovation and resilience of its creators.

Pit House, Vals, Switzerland

The Pit House in Vals, Switzerland, is a stunning contemporary underground residence. Its design combines minimalist aesthetics with an efficient use of space, all while maintaining a profound connection with the alpine landscape. This home not only provides shelter but also enhances the experience of living in harmony with nature.

The Desert Cave Hotel, Coober Pedy, Australia

Coober Pedy, Australia, is renowned for its unique underground accommodations, and The Desert Cave Hotel is a prime example. Set within the arid Outback, this hotel offers guests an extraordinary experience, allowing them to stay in cave-style rooms with all the modern amenities, all while immersing themselves in the fascinating world of opal mining.

Cave Homes of Guadix, Spain

Nestled in the province of Granada in Spain, the Cave Homes of Guadix are a remarkable example of human adaptation to the rugged terrain. These cave dwellings, or “troglodyte” homes, have been hewn into the soft clay hillsides. Their earthen construction provides excellent insulation, keeping the interiors cool in the scorching Spanish summers and warm in the chilly winters.

underground cities guadix
Troglodyte village in Spain, Andalusia, Guadix

The interiors of these caves are often whitewashed, creating a sense of airiness and space. With their distinctive, honeycomb-like appearance, the Cave Homes of Guadix have become an iconic part of the region’s landscape and offer visitors a unique glimpse into the timeless allure of subterranean living.

Dune House, Atlantic Beach, Florida

Situated along the stunning Atlantic coast, the Dune House is designed to harmonize with its natural surroundings. The house’s grass-covered roof and innovative architecture make it almost invisible against the backdrop of sand dunes and seashore.

This modern marvel showcases how cutting-edge design can blend luxury and sustainability, offering a unique way to experience coastal living while minimizing the impact on the environment.


In the hidden depths of our world, underground homes reveal a captivating tapestry of human ingenuity, innovation, and connection with the Earth. From ancient troglodyte dwellings in Guadix, Spain, to the contemporary marvel of the Dune House in Florida, these subterranean abodes showcase the remarkable diversity of underground living.

In conclusion, these stunning underground homes represent not only unique architectural feats but also a profound respect for our environment. Whether rooted in tradition or propelled by modern design, they inspire us to reconsider the way we interact with our planet and redefine our notion of home.

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