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Essentials to Remember Before You Go Interrailing

If you’re looking for true adventure this summer, an InterRail ticket could be exactly what you need. One interrail pass grants you reduced or free trips around Europe for a chosen amount of time.

Whether you wish to visit the hustling and bustling cities or the sun-soaked beaches and tiny towns clinging to beautiful mountainsides, you can forge some lifelong friendships when meeting locals and fellow travelers from around the world and create unforgettable experiences and memories that will make for some great.

Interrailing offers endless opportunities from impulsively jumping off the train if you pass through somewhere that you like the look of, or if you can’t afford a hostel, kipping your way across the continent on a night train for free.

If this sounds like the kind of travel adventure, you’re after this summer, then here are five essentials to remember.

Mapping Out Your Countries

Interrailing gives you the ability to travel anywhere around Europe as well as the option to decide when and where you visit, during your time.

As great as it is to feel free and spontaneous, you should always plan out your trip to avoid any extended rail journeys which only lead to wasted time that could be spent exploring.

Decide on how many countries you want to visit because the kind of pass you have to purchase will depend on this.

If your intention is to move around several countries (you can visit up to 30), then you will be required to purchase the Global Pass.

Travel Card

The days of needing traveler’s cheques or holding onto huge lumps of cash are gone. Having a travel card is essential for interrailing and a much safer alternative when it comes to the world of pickpocketing.

A travel debit card gives you all the advantages of using your current account, with minimal risk to your travel savings. You can use your phone to transfer daily or weekly amounts to your travel card and withdraw small sums of cash or pay via debit.

Be sure to keep your card in the dark depths of your bag so it is out of reach from pickpockets.

Expect the Unexpected

It goes without saying that interrailing pass or ticket considerably reduces your cost of traveling to multiple countries.

However, some sneaky charges can be expected so it is always best to be prepared and include them in your budget to avoid running out of money.

Some stations require a booking fee before your interrail ticket is in use. This is to guarantee that you attend your journey, as some train times are in high demand.

Some trips can be longer than expected so taking some travel essentials will always help keep you entertained, warm and comfy during the longer or delayed journeys.

Trains aren’t the most reliable forms of transport and there can often be delays, changes to buses, and the occasional need to rest in the train station so taking a tablet, travel pillow, and a light blanket or fleece are essential for your interrailing adventure from start to end.

Actual sleeper cabins with bunks are generally not covered by your rail ticket so if you want to sleep in one of these, you will need to pay a supplement.

However, most night trains will have comfy-ish seats that you can sleep on for free- just don’t forget your travel pillow and a blanket!

Pack Light

pack light

It’s always easier said than done, but packing light comes into its own when you interrailing.

Most likely, you’ll be hopping on and off trains, walking through busy city streets, hopping on and off public transport, and waiting around at various different times.

All of these things can be made pretty difficult by carrying heavy bags.

Interrailing Planner App

The interrailing planner app is the digital answer to a travel guide. Without Wi-Fi, the app tells you which trains are the best to catch, their numbers and stops, and whether they require a reservation in advance.

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