The Highest Hanging Hotel in The World is in Indonesia

So many thrill seekers constantly talk about the inimitable ecstasy of finally settling into the Skylodge Padjadjaran Anyar.

Slowly clawing its way up the bucket list of adrenaline and outdoor enthusiasts alike, the highest-hanging hotel is truly an exceptional experience.

Subtly bragging about spending a night in the highest-hanging hotel could be a pleasant way to break the ice on a dinner date.

Photo courtesy of Skylodge Padjadjaran Anyar

The hanging hotel perched on the jagged cliff of Badega Parang in Indonesia has encapsulated two gothic concepts, rock climbing and hospitality, into one, offering its guests something to cherish for a lifetime.

Hanging 500m above ground, the Skylodge Padjadjaran Anyar was built using aluminum and plexiglass. Today, the lodge is only the second of its kind in the world but is distinctively unique.

How to get to the Skylodge Padjadjaran Anyar

Unlike the traditional hotel experience, which starts as you walk through the doors, the Skylodge Padjadjaran Anyar feels like an extended drumroll, with each ascent adding to the hotel’s mystique.

Guests must climb the stairs up the mountain via Ferrata (Italian for iron path).

Photo courtesy of Skylodge Padjadjaran Anyar

The staircase was built out of steel cables and u-shaped metal bars affixed to rocks. When guests reach 500m, they pass Tyrolean and then float horizontally for 100m on a zipline.

And just like that, you have checked into the world’s highest-hanging hotel.

How was the concept born?

Its founder Dhanni Daelami, a seasoned rock climber, said he wanted to give his guests the chance to sleep on the cliff face instead of on a portable ledge.

With his concept, guests swap cold and potentially rainy nights for an air-conditioned unit with several amenities such as Wi-Fi and an espresso machine.

Photo courtesy of Skylodge Padjadjaran Anyar

Initially, the concept first rolled out in Peru in 2013 with glass pods hanging at 122m in Sacred Valley. In December 2016, the Skylodge Padjadjaran Anyar opened its doors after two months of thorough inspection and security checks.

The lodge is secured by 20 cables, each capable of holding up to a ton load. Thus, the pod can hold up to a 20-ton load.

Amenities at the Skylodge Padjadjaran Anyar

Photo courtesy of Skylodge Padjadjaran Anyar

Entering the Skylodge Padjadjaran Anyar, it is easy to forget that you are 500m above ground. The three by six meter has all the amenities you could get at a standard hotel.

With enough room for about five people, the room is equipped with a toilet, sink, television, microwave, electric sockets, Wi-Fi, blankets, mattresses, and an electric kettle and is air-conditioned.

Bathroom with a view

The lodge walls, roof and floor, are all see-through plexiglass, making for an authentic guest experience. However, you could roll the curtains if you require some privacy.

The pod is accessed via a roof opening which is also perfect for watching the sunrise and sunset. Although the room can hold up to five occupants, there are only four mattresses.

A stay in the lodge will cost around $354 per night, which is hefty for many people, but the impeccable scenery makes it a worthwhile spend.

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