The World’s First ‘Lie-Flat’ Economy Seats are Coming to Air New Zealand

Finally, no more uncomfortably cramped economy flights with no leg room, Air New Zealand is finally releasing it’s ‘Skynest’ in 2024. These sleep pods are the worlds first full length airplane beds that will launch on Air New Zealands new fleet of Boeing 787-9 Dreamliners.

There are 6 sleep pods available to be purchased as add-ons for economy class customers, each bout 6.5 feet long and 22 inches wide, more than enough room to have a comfortable sleep on board. Each comes with a pillow, bedding, privacy curtains and earplugs for maximum quiet and comfort.

Image courtesy of Air New Zealand

They are set up ‘bunk-style’ with 3 levels of pods, two on each level. The airline has been testing this new style of air travel for around 5 years. However, you are not able to have the bed during the entire flight. Customers are able to book one “sleep session” per flight, allowing possibly another customer to use the bed after your finished. Details of this are still to come.

Air New Zealand currently offers 3 economy class seats that convert to beds, known as ‘Skycouch’. This is just an expansion on that idea in order to make sleeping during a flight more common and more accessible to all passengers. These are also coming at a perfect time with the new long-haul direct flight from Auckland to New York City just announced at an impressive 17 hours and 35 minutes, making it the 4th longest flight in the world.

The new Business Premier Luxe suite, image courtesy of Air New Zealand

In addition to the ‘Skynest’ Air New Zealand is also launching a new Business Premier Luxe suite for business-class passengers. These are essentially private quarters with a sliding door, allowing two people to dine in peace during their flight.

They are also fully redoing the interior design of these cabins to reflect New Zealand’s native Aotearoa from the Maōri language, featuring a forest themed design, with carpets and colors reminiscent of New Zealand’s native bird, the tūī.