Top 10 Mediterranean Destinations to Visit This Summer

For majority of Europeans, summer is the time where they relax and enjoy vacation for a few days. They usually are inclined towards the Mediterranean region that comprises of diverse cultures and countries. Abundance of magnificent resorts has something to offer to all kinds of people. People who love the beach go towards Menorca or Santorini, people who love to party find their perfect place, Majorca. Food enthusiasts indulge in scrumptious Corsican treats. Now let’s take a look at Top 10 Mediterranean Places to Visit this summer, and see which one appeals to you the most.

10. Majorca, Spain

Majorca is an extremely renowned Spanish island, and many tourists from around the globe come here for vacations in summer. It is famous for its immaculate beaches and wild nightlife. For years, it has been the tourist’s favorite destination. Many well-known artists like Agatha Christie, Joan Miro, George Sand and many more has enjoyed the breathtaking beauty it offers and have also frequently worked there.

Why should you visit?

  1. Perfect holiday destination
  2. Charismatic culture
  3. Multiple interesting activities
  4. Stunning landscape  

When should you go there?

Since this place has a mild Mediterranean climate it is open for tourist for all seasons. However, the warmest time is from June till October.

9. Melissani Cave, Kefalonia, Greece

This popular cave conceals a beautiful turquoise water lake. It is encircled by dense forest from the outside. The cave has a hole at the top, which allows sunlight to enter; all of these things combined make it a stunning sight to see! The most interesting part, the boats which brings tourist, looks like it’s actually floating in air.

Why should you go there?

  1. Exquisite lake in the cave
  2. Extremely popular attraction

When should you go there?

You can visit this cave in any season.


8. Dubrovnik, Croatia

This is a very famous tourist spot and extremely historic, which is why UNESCO provides their protection to preserve those historic places. Dubrovnik has a lot to offer; fascinating architecture along with a cable car, sailing, exhilarating summer festivals and peaceful beaches.

Why should you go there?

  1. Rich in history
  2. Rich in culture
  3. Stunning beaches and resorts

When should you go there?

The best time for tourists is from May till October.

7. Navagio Beach, Zakynthos, Greece

This beach is one of a kind, which is why people from all over the world wish to visit it at least once in their lifetime.  The water is crystal clear and is engulfed by sharp clips that are used by base jumpers. The access of this beach is via a boat from Porto Vromi. Tourists can spend a really nice day in this scenic place.

Why should you go there?

  1. Comes under one of the most popular beaches of the world
  2. Picturesque scenery
  3. Base Jumping

When should you go there?

The most famous season is summer; but you can visit at any time of the year.

6. Menorca, Spain

Menorca is a part of the many Balearic Islands. Although it’s very small but has a total of 120 beautiful beaches. The water is very clean that you can actually take a bath in it. The most famous activities are kayaking and canoeing. Along with untouched beaches, they are also a huge assortment of flowers and birds present there.

Why should you go there?

  1. Perfect vacation destination
  2. Very peaceful and relaxing
  3. Offer many interesting activities

When should you go there?

The best time to go is on 23rd of June because of the local celebration, Festes de Sant Joan, it happens for two days and tourists really enjoy it.

5. Manarola, Liguria, Italy

One of the most aesthetically pleasing Italian villages in famous Cinque Terre chain is breathtaking to see due to its vibrant colors. It is located in Italian Riveria, Manarola. It offers dreamy hiking trail, as well as a Love’s Trail that joins Manarola with Riomaggiore.

Why should you go there?

  1. Attractive and rich in culture village
  2. For hiking
  3. For pretty instagramable picture

When should you go there?

It’s open for tourist for the entire year.

4. French Riviera, France and Monaco

This marvelous natural retreat is not only a pleasure to see, but is also important historically. Tourists usually spend their nights in one place, and explore the entire coast during the day. Cannes, as you might have heard, is famous for celebrities. Nice has been a popular vacation spot of aristocrats since way back in the 18th century. Sain-Tropez is a renowned retreat for trendy artists.

Why should you go there?

  1. Many pretty beaches
  2. Gorgeous coastal towns
  3. Various fascinating cities

When should you go there?

Although the temperature is mild the entire year, people prefer to come in summers to relish the beaches.

Image by Ola Wirdenius from Pixabay
Monaco, a popular destination on the French Riviera

3. Corsica, France

Corsica landscape is stunning and the violent history of the island reflects in it.  A home for many historic events, currently Corsica is one of the top tourist destinations due to a picture perfect coastline, mild weather and mountainous landscape. Their cuisine is exquisite as they incorporate fresh ingredients and their drinks are to die for.

Why should you go there?

  1. Splendid cuisine
  2. Beautiful landscape
  3. Historic architecture

When should you go there?

You can visit Corsica at any time of the year.

2. Sardinia, Italy

Sardinia is an extremely long coast and has many sandy beaches; it is the second biggest island of the Mediterranean. Interesting activities occur at all seasons like sailing and horseback riding, their cuisines are delight and you can also ski in winters.

Why should you go there?

  1. Multiple activities
  2. Good food
  3. Splendid landscape

When should you go there?

Tourists are welcome at all seasons.

1. Santorini, Greece

Who hasn’t heard of Santorini? It looks like the vacation spot of the Ancient Greek Gods. This place is heavenly, white houses mounted on the top of the cliffs makes it very authentic and has now become its trademark. Multiple luxurious resorts complete the perfect experience for the tourists.

Why should you go there?

  1. Popular vacation spot
  2. Very unique buildings

When should you go there?

Weather is the warmest from June till October, other months has a mild temperature.

Photo by Tom Grimbert (@tomgrimbert) on Unsplash
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