Top 5 Secret Camping Spots To Check Out In Utah

Every state has their own top-secret scenic camping spots that are well worth the trip if you’re willing to make it. When camping anywhere it is important to dress for the occasion. In Utah, it can be hot or cold at a moments notice, it is also important to know whether or not you’re going to be sleeping in the desert, in a cave, in a Canyon, and the Gulch, there are many different options while in Utah.

There are thousands of locations that you can camp at in Utah and tent camping is legal on all thousand acres of public land, so if you are planning to go to utah state park for camping keep on reading. So your options for camping are essentially endless. All of these camping sites are off of the beaten path and some are difficult to get to know others just require a little more driving with your car to the location on your part. This list will discuss the top five secret camping spots that you should check out in the state of Utah.

1. San Rafael Swell

This is an extremely primitive and secluded camping site. There you will find many chasms, canyons, and grottos. These make it so there are many places to make camp when you go camping. However you have to be very careful because there are drop offs and labyrinths that make this a difficult path to hike. So it is best to not to go alone and take some with you along with a map and compass.

2. Henry Mountains

Are a really good place to go visit in Utah if you were looking for more solitude. It is located about 70 miles east of Moab. The Henry Mountains was one of the last mapped mountain ranges that are located in the lower states of the United States. It is very remote but it is very beautiful. There are amazing views that are unlike any that you have ever experienced. The higher elevation places of the Henry Mountains will be covered in snow.

3. Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument

It offers you a stunning views of the desert as well as cannons and the Colorado river. The cannons include Egypt, Davis Gulch, Harris Gulch, coyote Gulch, 50 mill creek as well as others including oasis. If you were backpacking through here it is easy to find streams that flow through the cannons that you can collect water from. This is another camping location that you can drop camp anywhere however it is also very important do not go alone because of the many views that looks similar and the potential of getting lost.

4. Lone Peak

This is a mountain peak that is located near Salt Lake City. It has an elevation of 11,260 feet and it is along the Wasatch front. It is a really nice hiking spot as well as a really nice camping spot. There are not a lot of people who frequently visit it because the hiking can be a little difficult. If you were going to travel in the spring and you will be able to use the natural springs for filling up your water bottles. But if you were going to visit in the summer or fall it is best to carrier on water with you because you are likely to find that the spring has run out.

5. Logan Canyon

The Canyon cuts through the bear river mountains. Here you can rock climb, hike, camp, fish, snowmobile and ski. The canyon has an elevation of approximately 7800 feet above sea level but the trip is worth it because you can see the scenic overlook and dramatic views of Bear Lake. You are able to camp anywhere in this area as long as you ensure that you and your family and friends are safe in the location of your choice.

Remember, it is legal to camp on all thousands of acres of the public land in Utah. However it is also very important to make sure that you clean up after yourself after you are finished. It is important to take care of our world and to make sure the world is safe for everyone. Just because you found a secret location doesn’t mean that someone else didn’t find that secret location and that they don’t visit frequently.

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