unusual things to do in budapest

7 Unusual Things to Do in Budapest

There are a number of amazing things to do in Budapest, the capital of Hungary. Known worldwide for having more thermal springs compared to any other capital city in the world, it is also one of the cheapest destinations to visit in Europe.

These hot springs have given birth to many medicinal and recreational baths around the city, something popular since the existence of the Roman empire.

With 20% of the population of Hungary living in Budapest, there is no doubt that every person you meet during your trip to Budapest would be a Budapester.

unusual things to do in budapest

Wait! There is a lot more in store for those looking to do something apart from the typical sightseeing and guided tours of this beautiful city.

We have a list of unusual activities, which you can surely try in Budapest, the haven for tourists looking for a place offering both fun and pleasure.

1. Enjoy Some Fine Brew at the Craft Beer District

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District IX, once known as a popular industrial hub filled with factories and warehouses, has received a new breath of life.

It has provided Budapest with its district having nothing apart from craft beer bars. The area has received quite impressive rehabilitation.

However, do not forget to visit the Jewish Quarter in the VII district. You can quickly locate at least 18 craft beer bars within a small space of 1999 meters, not to forget more than 90 beers on tap.

If you are a lover of finely crafted beers, then head over to district IX to get a taste of the best brew.

2. Enjoy Some Feline Company at the Pet Cafe

If you do not mind a bit of feline company while sipping a glass of potables, then the Zoo café is the perfect place for you.

You can enjoy the company of colorful birds, exotic reptiles, and guinea pigs and enjoy refreshing lemonades, hot chocolate, and some snacks.

Located in Budapest’s District VI, the Cat Pub is the best place for those who do not mind sharing the space with a cat. The site serves some of the best cocktails as CATmopolitan and CAT on the Beach among other alcoholic drinks.

3. Unravel the Mystery Behind Budapest Mysterious Museum

If you are coming to Budapest to witness something extraordinary, welcome to the House of Houdini located in Budapest’s Castle District.

The museum carries a vast history and arts of Budapest, which offers visitors a trip down memory lane. It also houses the original tools, which were once a part of the Hungarian illusionist Harry Houdini’s works.

These items include handcuffs and lock keys, along with vintage posters promoting the stunning shows of Houdini.

You can also view the vast collection of pinned-up butterflies from Venezuela, Cuba, and Kenya at the Museum of Butterflies.

The glass-covered displays holding winged creatures of all sizes, shapes, and forms mounted side by side also display artifacts, sea snails, and African tribal masks.

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4. Use Your Wits to Escape a Room

Budapest is widely famous for offering tourists an opportunity to use their logical skills in a fun way. You can visit the VIII district in the heart of a ruined bar, and get yourself locked inside a room.

Do you want to know the catch? You can find over 50 such escape rooms in basements and hidden rooms all across the city.

5. Enjoy a View from Heaven

Want to witness the beauty of the city of Budapest? You can do so by sitting atop the rocky outcropping of Gellert hill, which offers a mesmerizing view of the town.

The view becomes beautiful with the beverages available at the nearby local shops. Gellert Hill is located alongside the Danube and offers a great view of the city and the river at night.

Széchenyi Chain Bridge in Budapest at night

6. Gather Knowledge at the Book Café

Did you ever think of stepping right from your world into another? The Lotz Terem, hidden behind a well-stocked Alexandria Bookstore on Andrassy Avenue is for you.

Your jaw will drop to the floor once you enter the room with every centimeter painted in 19th-century art. We recommend you purchase leather chairs, which are surprisingly affordable to buy.

7. Ride the Train

When you are coming to Budapest, why not enjoy a train ride up in the Buda Hills and escape the chaos of the city life?

Experience riding the Children’s Railway started under the communist regime to make children get a sense of work while working on the railway.

The tradition carries on today with children still saluting and selling tickets at the station, only this time it’s not communism.

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When you decide to plan a trip to the beautiful city of Budapest with friends and family, do not forget to do these seven unusual things to make your visit worthwhile.

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