What To Do When in Athens, Greece

Greece is one of the most historically rich sites in the whole world, filled with jaw-dropping archaeological, spiritual, and must-see historical monuments, stadia, and museums.

What you might not be aware of, however, is that most locations in Greece are equally contemporary and hip, decorated with modern art, enviable fashion and style, and exciting activities for the locals and tourists to partake in for a good time.

Athens is the contemporary capital of the country, serving as the perfect blend of history and modernism. Here are some of the things that you should not miss out on doing and seeing when in Athens:

Visit the Parthenon

This Parthenon is one of the most iconic and easily recognizable relics and remains of the ancient world. The archaeological site has great historical significance and is one of the most popular pictures on the postcards you will get as souvenirs from the city.

Climb the steps and take in the spectacular sight as the crumbling pillars reach improbable height before your very eyes.

Observe Islamic Art at the Benaki Museum

The Benaki Museum of Islamic Art is a tremendous building that combines age-old and contemporary architectural designs to achieve a unique look as it tells the story of the evolution of the Islamic civilization.

Housing over 12,000 art pieces from countries such as India, North Africa, and Spain, the Benaki Museum is a wonder of its own.


Walk Around The Plaka Neighbourhood

The Plaka neighbourhood is one of the oldest neighborhoods in Athens, an amalgamation of ancient architecture, natural greenery, and famous dining places that you must try. The stony, aging look of the area makes for some great pictures as well.

Climb Atop The Lycabettus Hill

If you are someone who loves the adventure of climbing, hiking, and exploring, you would not want to miss out on climbing and then coming down from Lycabettus Hill. and while you are on top of it, it would not hurt to dine at one of the great cafes up there and appreciate the amazing view of Athens that spans beneath your eye line.


Go Look at The Temple of Poseidon

The God of the Sea finds his home in the heart of the sea of Athens. Appreciate the Temple in all of its might as the astonishing palette of the famous Athens sunset sets over the islands.

Shop at Monastiraki

The Monastiraki market is one of the liveliest sites in the city, bustling with people and constant activity as vendors put on offer an array of interesting, and somewhat bizarre, items.

It is the perfect spot to collect gifts and souvenirs for back home and also observe the Athens energy at its peak!

Eat and Dance to Your Heart’s Content!

You will find that Athens is filled with mouth-watering food and dancing in the streets, which is why you should not miss out on Street Dancing Milonga which ensues every Monday, with a plethora of individuals from every corner of Athens coming out to tango.

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