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You Can Stay at This Airbnb in Mexico With Its Own Private Cenote

Cenotes are synonymous with the Yucatan Peninsula in southeastern Mexico, with approximately 6,000 of these little natural pools scattered throughout the jungle, having your very own can only be described as a magical experience.

Well now this is possible in the new Nuuku Airbnb villas situated on 6 hectares of land about 35 minutes from the Cancun airport and 20 minutes from the port town of Puerto Morelos.

It offers 6 “Modern Mayan Villas” deep in the jungle of popular “Ruta de los Cenotes,” an area of the state of Quintana Roo with a exceptional amount of cenotes.

private cenote
The private cenote at Nuuku villas

Cenotes are basically sinkholes that are naturally occurring throughout this region of Mexico, formed in limestone rock after a collapse of an underground cavern.

The water from cenotes are typically fed from underground aquifers. In ancient times the Mayans used cenotes to sacrifice animals, sacred objects and even humans. Don’t let that deter you though – you won’t find any bones in this private cenote.

According to the owners, you can “disconnect yourself from the busy world while experiencing staying in the tropical jungle with comfort and luxury amenities that our six modern Mayan villas provide to make your trip unforgettable.”

nuuku private cenote airbnb mexico drone
The layout of Nuuku from above.

While each villa is a little different and has its own unique attributes, most include a free breakfast, private plunge pool, outdoor jacuzzi, wifi, hammocks, and of course the private cenote which all guests have access to.

nuuku private cenote airbnb mexico private pool
Private plunge pool

According to Nuuku, “in each season, the climate, flora, and fauna change. The presence of wild animals and the natural noises of the jungle can be appreciated all day and sometimes all night -depending on the season- so there is a potential for natural wild animal noise that can be annoying for some guests, especially during the rainy season. Be aware.”

nuuku private cenote airbnb mexico pool
The communal pool

This particular villa has a large king bed, a terrace with amazing views of the jungle, air conditioning and daily cleaning, 50-inch smart TV, a desk that makes a perfect workspace, a minibar and Dolce Gusto coffee maker, and much more.

nuuku private cenote airbnb mexico bed

Because of its remote location, getting to Nuuku is actually not easy and you’ll need a car to drive to the place, as public transportation doesn’t go here.

It would be possible to take a taxi but that would be a little expensive, we’d recommend renting a car – that way you can go on day trips and explore what the area has to offer.

The minimum stay is 3 nights and starts at around 6,000 Mexican pesos per night which are around $300. The price will obviously vary during the high season (Dec-Feb) and low season (June-Sep).

Even though it’s a fairly new place it already has some great reviews going for it: “Amazing experience! The location is quiet and secluded, but close enough to Puerto Morelos that you don’t feel isolated.

Franco and the staff at Nuuku were top-notch, and took care of us from start to finish! Would highly recommend it!”

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