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Aura House Bali: Eco-Bamboo Luxury Redefined Along the Ayung River

Nestled gracefully along the tranquil western banks of the River Ayung, a truly remarkable retreat awaits those who seek a harmonious blend of sustainability, innovation, and immersive luxury.

Welcome to “Aura House Bali,” an extraordinary eco-bamboo haven that stands as a testament to architectural brilliance and Balinese craftsmanship. This three-story villa, lovingly crafted entirely from locally grown Asper Bamboo, gazes towards the east, capturing the first rays of sunrise with its open arms.

Aura Front night
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Unveiling a touch of artistic elegance, Aura House showcases an iconic egg-shaped door, an exquisite creation by renowned designer firm Ibuku. This unique feature graces the entrance of the second bedroom, adding a touch of sophistication and intrigue.

Just a brief 30-minute journey south of Ubud and a stone’s throw away from the renowned Green School, this haven redefines the boundaries of eco-living and architectural elegance.

Fixture Aura House Bali
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The heart of Aura House resonates with local artistry and sustainability. All fixtures, from light fittings to kitchen cabinets, are meticulously handcrafted from bamboo by island locals. This fusion of natural materials and artistic craftsmanship creates an aesthetic that seamlessly blends with the surroundings.

At Aura House Bali, an ambiance tailor-made for escape from bustling city life or immersion into nature’s splendor awaits. Each morning, anticipate the sun’s gentle ascent, casting warm hues across your abode and ushering in a new day. The harmonious melody of the river below adds to this sensory awakening, infusing your stay with serenity.

Aura House Bali
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The picturesque setting atop the riverbank grants an unparalleled view, creating an environment that nurtures relaxation and mindfulness.

The allure of Aura House extends beyond its interior, offering a private pool that gazes out onto the surrounding forest. This idyllic setting beckons adventurous couples and honeymooners, enveloping them in an atmosphere that evokes romance and tranquility. Entirely exclusive, the house becomes your personal sanctuary, ensuring that your experience is intimate and undisturbed.

Pool Aura House Bali
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Guests are offered more than just a dwelling; they gain access to a range of amenities that enrich their stay. A communal space awaits, housing a natural pool and a bamboo pavilion that doubles as a dining area.

Connectivity remains uninterrupted with WiFi accessibility. As an extra treat, a delectable complementary breakfast awaits on the first morning of your stay, complementing the fully equipped kitchen stocked with utensils, coffee, and tea.

Bedroom Aura House Bali
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Aura House Bali welcomes guests to a haven of serenity and luxury. The villa’s two bedrooms, featuring en-suite bathrooms and air conditioning, promise comfort for up to four adults or a family of five. A king-sized bed in each room offers peaceful slumber, accommodating various group sizes with ease.

Within the communal kitchen restaurant, indulge in a selection of breakfast, lunch, snacks, drinks, and dinner options, blending the best of local Balinese, Indonesian, and Western cuisine. Whether dining communally or opting for meal delivery to your accommodation, culinary delights await.

Kitchen Aura House Bali
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Moreover, Aura House Bali transcends typical accommodation offerings. Beyond the enchanting stay, a plethora of experiences beckon. Guests can indulge in couple massages, yoga sessions, and invigorating petal baths, all curated in-house.

For a comprehensive Balinese immersion, embark on Bamboo-related workshops and tours, delving into the artistry of this age-old craft. Airport pick-up services ensure seamless arrivals, while a medley of activities enrich the stay, aligning with the ethos of Aura House.

As a space that values safety and serenity, it’s important to note that Aura House, with its open design, requires supervision for young children. The design philosophy emphasizes openness and connection with nature, making it a sanctuary for those seeking a unique architectural experience.

Nature Aura House Bali
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A few practical considerations enhance your stay. While Aura House is set amid a natural setting, local village stores offer basic supplies. However, due to the 15-minute distance from the main road, personal supplies like snacks, fruits, and drinks are recommended.

Nature’s inhabitants, including mosquitoes and insects, are part of the rainforest experience. The house thoughtfully equips guests with natural repellent products to mitigate any discomfort.

To maintain the tranquil atmosphere, certain house rules are in place. Pets are not permitted, and the house is smoke-free. The serenity of Aura House is preserved through a policy against parties or events, ensuring the sanctuary-like quality remains undisturbed.

Bali Aura House
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Guests can check in between 2PM and 5PM, with late check-in available upon request. On the day of departure, check-out time is at 12PM (noon). As a courtesy to fellow guests, quiet hours commence after 10PM.

In conclusion, Aura House Bali isn’t merely a dwelling; it’s an embodiment of nature’s embrace and architectural innovation. From its sustainable construction to its intimate amenities and captivating experiences, it offers a symphony of serenity.

Be it awakening to the first light of day or basking in the rhythm of the river, Aura House Bali promises an unforgettable sojourn, inviting you to journey into the heart of Bali’s enchantment.

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