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The Drunkest Countries In The World Ranked (Updated 2023)

Alcohol consumption per capita map

The drunkest countries in the world are based on places where their citizens are renowned for loving to drink alcohol. The data comes from the World Health Organizations’ harmful use of alcohol data found here:

If there’s one thing we learned it’s that Eastern Europe loves to drink, which really comes as no surprise to anyone.

The Koreans love their soju, the Finnish love their vodka, the Germans love their beer, and Eastern Europe loves anything that contains alcohol.

An interesting note is that Uruguay is the only country in the Americas that makes the list, what are they drinking down there?

36. Spain (10 Litres of pure alcohol consumed per capita per year)

Sangria is considered one of the most popular drinks in Spain and is more common during the summer months. It’s a mix of red wine, triple sec, and brandy with a little lemon-lime soda, sugar, lemons, and oranges.

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35. South Korea (10.2)

Koreans love their Soju. “In 2006, it was estimated that the average adult Korean (older than 20) had consumed 90 bottles of soju during that year.” – Source

1200px Korean cuisine Bulgogi Nakji bokkeum

34. Denmark (10.4)

Akvavit or “snaps” is Denmark’s national drink with a strong caraway flavor. The popular brand Aalborg is named after a small town on the north coast of Denmark.


33. Laos (10.4)

beer lao alcohol
Eric Camm

32. Greece (10.4)

greek beer

31. Cook Islands (10.6)

30. Australia (10.6)

tooheys aussies

29. New Zealand (10.7)

28. Finland (10.7)

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27. Cyprus (10.8)

26. Uruguay (10.8)

Uruguay Costa Rica FIFA World Cup 2013 2014 06 14 fans 03

25. Serbia (11.1)

24. Belarus (11.2)

belarus alcohol

23. Equatorial Guinea (11.3)

22. Andorra (11.3)

Dansers from Gisela Andorra

21. Hungary (11.4)

20. United Kingdom (11.5)

19.  Slovakia (11.5 )

slovakia alcohol

18. Gabon (11.5 )

17. Switzerland (11.5)

swiss beer

16. Poland (11.6)

15. Estonia (11.6)

14. Austria (11.6)

Austria beer

13. Russia (11.7)

12. Seychelles (12)

seychelles beer

11. Belgium (12.1)

10. Portugal (12.3)

Sagres Beer in portugal

9. France (12.6)

8. Bulgaria (12.7)


7. Latvia (12.9)

6. Ireland (13)

ireland beer party

5. Nigeria (13.4)

4. Germany (13.4)

Nick Vanderleek

3. Czech Republic (14.4)

2. Lithuania (15)

lithuania beer

1. Moldova (15.2)

For those wondering, the United States was 9.8 and Canada was 8.9

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