5 Hotels That Are Hard To Book… But Wish You Could

There are some hotels that are impossible to book. They’re always full, and no matter how many times you try to reserve a room, you just can’t seem to get through. These hotels have a certain allure about them – they’re the epitome of luxury and exclusivity.

If you’re lucky enough to snag a reservation, you feel like you’ve accomplished something amazing. Here are 5 elusive hotels that are impossible to book…but that we all wish we could stay at!

1. The Burj Al Arab, Dubai

Dubai has some of the most stunning skyscrapers and hotels in the world! If you want a luxurious experience like no other, the Burj Al Arab in Dubai is your ticket to unparalleled opulence.

As far as seven-star hotels go, this one offers the finest amenities, extravagant suites, and incredible service that’s impossible to beat. Of course, only a very few privileged guests can reserve a room here: getting a reservation at the Burj Al Arab is practically impossible!

But if you are really lucky – and really wealthy – they may just extend an invitation directly to you. With stunning views of the Arabian Gulf and some of the best facilities, money can buy, there’s something magical about spending a night or two in one of these spectacular rooms – if only you could get past the impossible booking process…!

2. The Jefferson, Washington DC

Another hard-to-book hotel is The Jefferson in Washington DC. Situated near many iconic landmarks such as the White House and Lincoln Memorial, this historic hotel offers an unforgettable stay with its personalized service and old-world charm.

Unfortunately, securing a room can be nearly impossible due to its high demand. If you are lucky enough to book a room here, you can expect top-notch service from the knowledgeable staff, luxurious suites with views of DC’s most famous monuments, and an all-around regal experience.

3. The Manta Resort in Tanzania.

For travelers looking for an isolated experience, there’s nothing quite like the unique eco-resort of The Manta Resort in Tanzania. With its overwater villas, underwater bedrooms, and intimate atmosphere, this is one hotel that’s always booked up.

It’s also hard to book because of its remote location, but it’s worth the effort if you manage to snag a reservation. Imagine waking up to beautiful sunrises over the Indian Ocean, enjoying dinner amidst the gentle lapping of waves and then slipping into an underwater bedroom for a unique sleep experience.

It’s definitely an experience that few get to enjoy – which only makes it even more desirable!

4. The Chedi Andermatt, The Swiss Alps

Explorers hoping for a luxurious stay in the Swiss Alps should book a room at the Chedi Andermatt. With its modern-meets-traditional design, heated outdoor swimming pool, and breathtaking views of the surrounding mountains, this is one hotel that’s impossible to get into.

The Chedi Andermatt is set in a picturesque ski village and its rooms are designed to offer maximum comfort and relaxation. Whether you’re looking for an adventure or just want to relax in the peaceful atmosphere of the Swiss Alps, this hotel can provide an unforgettable stay – if you can manage to make a reservation!

5. Grand Hotel Tremezzo, Italy

Finally, there’s the glamorous Grand Hotel Tremezzo on Lake Como in Northern Italy. This lavish five-star property offers panoramic views, exquisite cuisine, and an unforgettable experience – but unfortunately, it’s always fully booked! It’s almost impossible to get a reservation at these five elusive hotels – but they’re certainly worth dreaming about!

Whether you can spend a few nights here or just add it to your bucket list, these hotels offer an experience like no other.

So why not sit back, relax and imagine what it would be like to stay in one of these exclusive and luxurious resorts – even if you don’t have the luck to actually make it happen?

Who knows – maybe one day you’ll be able to experience the grandeur of these five-star hideaways! Until then, all that’s left to do is keep on dreaming.

No matter where you’re traveling, one of the best experiences is to be able to stay in a hotel that’s impossible to get a reservation for.

Of course, it can be frustrating if you can’t book the hotel you want because of its scarcity. But there are plenty of benefits to staying in these hard-to-book hotels: they tend to be much more exclusive and luxurious than other hotels, with higher-end amenities and better service. Most importantly, they provide an experience that isn’t just unique – it’s one of a kind.

Whether its taking advantage of an impossible opportunity or creating the perfect bucket list trip, look past the difficulty in getting reservations at hard-to-book hotels; it’s worth the effort if you’re willing to put in the work.

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