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Most Disappointing Tourist Attractions & Places In the World

Before planning a trip, most people want to know why they should visit a place. Another question people should ask is where not to go.

Not every reason for disliking a city or country will be relevant to every traveler and in most cases, every country has its pros and cons.

Here we have a list with reasons ranging from shithole cities to”underwhelming monuments and disappointing beaches.

Within this list, you won’t find the best cities to visit in the world, quite the contrary.

1. Casablanca

According to travellers this place is disappointing because it fails to live up to the exciting and diverse offerings of Morocco as a country.

Casablanca is simply a lackluster business district with little to offer besides an overpriced mosque that was constructed by a former king.

The lack of intriguing sights and experiences makes this destination uninteresting and underwhelming.

Casablanca is only known for its Mosque Hassan II. Flickr

2. Malè, Maldives

Apparently the capital city of the Maldives, Malè, is a major disappointment. Despite the stunning beauty of the rest of the country, the capital failed to live up to expectations and was far from desirable.

Malè is known for being crowded. blindscapes/Flickr

3. Jamaica

A recent traveler was disappointed with their trip to Jamaica. They found that the locals were very aggressive in their approach to tipping, expecting payment for everything.

This made the experience less enjoyable for the traveler. If the goal is to simply relax on a beach at an all-inclusive resort, then Jamaica may be a good fit.

However, for those looking for a deeper exploration of nature and culture, the traveler warns that they will be greatly disappointed.

Reddit users had bad experiences with people asking for tips in Jamaica. Peter Q/Flickr

4. The Great Pyramids, Cairo, Egypt

It has been reported that the view of the pyramids from the nearby Pizza Hut is so close that it becomes difficult to imagine their existence away from the city.

However, upon visiting the pyramids, one is met with a constant barrage of salesmen trying to sell their goods. This level of harassment became too much for some, leading to a quick departure after only 15 to 20 minutes due to the inability to tolerate it any longer.

It’s impossible to forget you’re in Cairo. Robert Johnson/Business Insider

5. Leaning Tower of Pisa, Italy

According to a traveler, the place was underwhelming as it was much smaller than anticipated based on the pictures. The surrounding buildings were more impressive and overall, the experience was unsatisfactory.

The buildings that surround the Leaning Tower of Pisa are more interesting. McPig/Flickr

6. Mount Rushmore, South Dakota, US

Visitors drive up into the South Dakota mountains with high expectations, only to be disappointed upon reaching the enormous visitors center.

The “viewing deck” is located outside, and from there, the distant sight of the heads is tiny and vastly underwhelming.

It’s unclear whether it’s due to the small size of the heads or the long viewing distance, but the overall impression falls short of expectations.

The visitors center of Mount Rushmore is very far away.

7. Stonehenge, Wiltshire, UK

A review of here states that the attraction was smaller than expected and had limited access, making it difficult to fully appreciate. Additionally, it is located several hours away from London, making it not worth the journey for many people.

Stonehenge is not quite what people imagine it to be. osde8info/Flickr

8. Daytona Beach, Florida, US

“Friends somehow convinced me to go a few years ago. Never again will I enter that city of my own free will.

There is literally nothing to do there, aside from going to the dilapidated beach and eating at Joe’s Crab Shack.” —danecdote

Daytona Beach just isn’t that great. cmcgough/Flickr

9. Pompeii, Italy

“Pompeii is lame and very crowded with tourists. All of the great mosaics have been taken by museums. If you want to go somewhere much better preserved, much more interesting, and way less crowded, check out the nearby ruins of Herculaneum.” —Ecuadorable

All the amazing mosaics are gone. Giorgio Cosulich/Getty Images

10. Gibraltar

“It really is just a big rock and not the country it technically claims to be … You can see everything Gibraltar has to offer in a few hours. We were stuck there for a week.” —Noneerror

Not a whole lot to do in Gibraltar. KlipschFan/Flickr

11. Sentosa Beaches, Singapore

“It’s all fancy and hyper-developed and connected to one of the largest malls on earth (Vivo Mall), but you get to the beach via monorail and you get to the sand and look out to the ocean and all you see is oil tankers and factories spewing smoke on the horizon.

It was like some sort of futuristic dystopia.” —magnora4

The view from one of Sentosa’s beaches. decade_null/Flickr

12. Naples, Italy

“The city had piles of trash on the streets.” —GuluOne

“In the city of Naples and the surrounding countryside of Campania, Italy, the Mafia has controlled the waste-management industry for decades – dumping and burning trash across its rolling hills and vineyards.

In 1994, the European Union declared the situation an official environmental emergency, and things have only gotten worse since then.” —Azertys

Naples has a serious trash problem. mksfca/Flickr

13. Andorra

“Looking back, I think I basically just visited the outlet mall of Europe.” —breerocks

Reddit users said Andorra was pretty but tiny. Wikimedia Commons

14. Marrakesh, Morocco

“I’d never felt so abused before (I’m from America, there’s still sexism, but god it’s so much easier to deal with).

The molestation, coupled with the obvious disrespect (male shop owners would yell at me for not buying things — full-on yell and curse — and sometimes just for fun, then laugh when all the foreign girls around became upset.

They wouldn’t yell at other men.) made me swear never to go back.

“I saw one shop owner ask a mother how much she would charge for her blonde teenage daughter.

I’d gone through so much in a week I didn’t even register that until a guy in my group started getting really upset about it.” –  probs_wrong

Marrakesh can be misogynistic. Zé.Valdi/Flickr

15. Athens, Greece

“Expected the birthplace of a great civilization. Received slums and scaffolding.” – Kuba_Khan

Expect to see some scaffolding on the Parthenon. profzucker/Flickr

Summary of most disappointing tourist attractions and places

when planning a trip, it is important to consider not only the reasons to visit a place, but also the reasons to avoid it.

The list presented showcases various cities and tourist attractions that received negative reviews from travelers, ranging from dirty and overcrowded cities to underwhelming monuments and beaches.

However, it is important to note that everyone’s preferences and experiences are different and what may be a disappointment for one person may be a highlight for another.

Therefore, it’s always advisable to do proper research and gather information from multiple sources before planning a trip.

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  1. Of the places mentioned, I have been to Cairo, Naples, Pompeii, Pisa and Marrakech in recent years. Well, I disagree with the negative comments on these places. The situation in Giza (the pyramids) has improved a lot. I was expecting to fight with the people selling things and offering camel rides. True, they approached us but it wasn’t aggressive or intimidating at all. Naples may not be the cleanest city on Earth but if you concentrate the unique atmosphere of the old town centre with its narrow streets and hundreds of shops and restaurants, clothes hanging in the windows of old apartment blocks and enjoy your pizza or ice cream, it’s not the dirt that you’ll remember. For history lovers, Pompeii is a fascinating destination. Where else can you walk the streets of an ancient Roman city. Nowhere. Then the leaning tower of Pisa: climbing up is dizzying and amazing at the same time and the views from the top are superb. Finally, Marrakech. Morocco has a number of other memorable towns and locations but Marrakech is the only place you can still observe a genuine Arabian marketplace with people selling medicine made from weird animal parts, acrobats and traditional story-tellers. Actually, it is one of the few places that earned the title Intangible Heritage of Humanity. It’s endangered so you’d better see it while you can.

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