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Pay What You Weigh: A Unique Dining Discount at a Malaysian Eatery

In an era where special discounts and promotional offers are the norm for restaurants looking to attract customers, especially amidst the ongoing pandemic, one establishment in Malaysia is taking a rather unconventional approach.

Mongolian Master, a popular restaurant in Kuching, has introduced a discount system that is directly tied to your body size. Yes, you read that right: the slimmer you are, the less you pay!

The Usual Suspects: Common Discount Models

Restaurants worldwide have been employing various strategies to lure in customers during these challenging times. From “buy one, get one free” deals to spending a certain amount to receive a voucher for future use, these promotions are a dime a dozen. While these offers are undoubtedly enticing, they are also fairly standard in the industry.

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© 蒙古大爷 Mongolian Master

A Unique Twist: Discounts Based on Body Size

Mongolian Master in Kuching, however, is breaking the mold with its unique discount model. Instead of offering a flat percentage off or a voucher for future use, the restaurant has decided to base its discounts on the size of your waistline.

Upon entering the restaurant, customers are greeted with five vertical passages of varying widths. Each passage corresponds to a different discount percentage, and customers must pass through one of these passages sideways to qualify for the discount.

How it Works

The concept is simple yet intriguing: the narrower the passage you can comfortably pass through, the higher the discount you receive. The restaurant has set up discount tiers ranging from a whopping 100% off—associated with a nearly impossible-to-pass narrow passage—to a modest 10% discount. Intermediate discounts of 20%, 30%, and 50% are also available, depending on which passage you manage to navigate.

A Nudge Towards a Balanced Diet?

This unique promotion not only offers an immediate financial incentive but also encourages patrons to maintain a healthy body weight and balanced diet. The higher discounts are reserved for those who are slimmer, while those on the heavier side receive lower discounts. It’s a quirky yet thought-provoking way to incentivize wellness.

The Dining Experience

Mongolian Master offers a buffet-style dining experience where customers can grill their own food. It’s worth noting that the “passage test” to determine your discount must be completed before you start eating. After all, indulging in the buffet could potentially affect your ability to pass through a narrower passage and, consequently, reduce your discount!

Whether you find this approach innovative or controversial, there’s no denying that Mongolian Master has managed to create a buzz with its one-of-a-kind discount model. So, if you’re ever in Kuching and looking for a unique dining experience, Mongolian Master might just be the place to go.

© 蒙古大爷 Mongolian Master

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