signs you have travelling too long

18 Signs You’ve Been Travelling For Too Long

Travelling can be good for your health in several ways. It can reduce stress and improve your mental health by providing a change of scenery and the opportunity to relax and unwind.

It can also improve your physical health by encouraging you to be more active and try new things, such as hiking, swimming, or participating in adventure sports.

This list is compiled for those amongst us who have maybe pushed the boundary of how long travelling is healthy.

1. You don’t have a clue what day of the week it is, nor do you care.

When you’re traveling every day is Saturday. Time only matters when you have a flight to catch or a new destination to arrive at.

Losing track of time is a common side effect of traveling too long, the only thing that matters is the moment.

2. You forget which way to look when crossing the street

crossing street

3. The majority of your friends were met through your travels.

Most of your high school and college friends most likely have careers, several kids, and responsibilities, making it harder to travel with them.

Seeing as you’re mostly away from home, those friends are a distant memory. You’ll quickly notice all your friends on Facebook were from places you don’t remember, but you made connections that last a lifetime.

4. Because of this you have somewhere to stay in almost every country you visit.


5. Spending more than $5 for a meal feels extravagant

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6. You need to return home because you no longer have room in your passport


7. Your family has stopped asking you when you’re coming back

giphy 4

8. You’ve lost your accent or gained a new one

HICanada TravellingTooLong2

9. You’re tired of people asking how many countries you’ve been to


10. Your usual answer to ‘how was your trip?’ is ‘which trip?’

giphy 3

11. Your friends don’t ask “how are you” they ask “where are you”


12. You’re an expert at finding the best flight deals.


13. You don’t even know where home is anymore.


14. It feels like you’ve seen your family on Skype more than in real life.

It doesn’t just feel like it, you probably only come home during Christmas before you’re off on another adventure again.

15. You’ve mastered the art of sleeping in airports

You can pretty much sleep anywhere, on anything, and through anything. 

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16. You have lots of new friends but no idea what their last names are.

You know everyone you’re traveling with on a first-name basis, or you refer to them just by what country they’re from.

17. Google Chrome offers to translate Facebook automatically

The more you travel the more you’ll find your friends list fills up with people from other non-English speaking countries.

Because of this, your feed will be full of random German, Swedish, French, and Japanese and Google will offer to automatically translate the page for you. It’s a slight annoyance but really a first-world problem than anything. 

18. This is your reaction when you have to go home because you ran out of money


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