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The Ultimate UK Road Trip: Humour and Highways

When planning a road trip across the United Kingdom, most travellers will be thinking of stunning vistas, historic sites, and classic British landmarks. But for those with a playful spirit and a penchant for quirky place names, there’s a road trip route that promises more chuckles than a stand-up comedy show!

Let’s embark on the ultimate UK tour route featuring some of the most amusingly named places in Britain.

Kick-off at Twatt, Orkney

Twatt is more than just a name that causes a double-take. Located in the Orkney Islands, this small hamlet is surrounded by sprawling green fields and traditional stone houses. Historically, the name is believed to derive from the Old Norse word “þveit”, meaning “small parcel of land”.

675px Twatt Orkney Road Sign copy
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While there, make sure to capture some photographs of the quaint Twatt signpost, a popular spot for a cheeky photo op. Besides its name, Orkney boasts rich Viking history, ancient stone circles, and breathtaking coastal views. Take a day or two to explore the mysteries of these northern islands.

A Bridge Too Far: Cock Bridge, Aberdeenshire

Navigating towards Cock Bridge, you’ll find yourself surrounded by the majestic scenery of Aberdeenshire. Close to the Cairngorms National Park, this area is a treat for nature enthusiasts. The name might produce a smirk, but the landscape here is genuinely awe-inspiring.

cock bridge
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Engulfed by mountains, rivers, and deep valleys, it’s a perfect place for a nature walk or a refreshing hike. Castles dot the landscape, giving you a glimpse into Scotland’s storied past.

Edinburgh’s Unique Corner: Dick Place

Edinburgh, with its gothic spires and cobblestone streets, is a city of wonder. When you’re not chuckling about Dick Place, lose yourself in the city’s rich tapestry of history. Dick Place, situated in the Grange area, is a peaceful street showcasing grand Victorian homes.

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Nearby attractions include the Royal Botanic Garden and Holyrood Park, which offers panoramic city views atop Arthur’s Seat. Also, relish in Edinburgh’s cafe culture and perhaps share a laugh with the locals about your unique itinerary.

Cockermouth and Beyond

Cockermouth is more than its humorous name; it’s a gateway to the Lake District, one of the UK’s most scenic regions. Birthplace of poet William Wordsworth, you can visit his childhood home and experience the surroundings that inspired much of his poetry.

Screenshot 48

The town itself, with its mix of architectural styles, is intersected by the River Cocker. Stroll along the river, visit local boutiques, and enjoy traditional English fare in one of its many charming cafes.

The Tale of Penistone and Cock Alley

Penistone, a vibrant market town, offers a blend of modernity and history. Known for its community markets, you’ll find locally produced goods ranging from crafts to food.

Screenshot 49

Just a short drive away, Cock Alley in Buckinghamshire provides a delightful contrast. This tiny lane is surrounded by beautiful English countryside, offering a peaceful respite.

Fingringhoe’s Wildlife Wonders

Fingringhoe Village Name sign on Abberton Road .uk 4711622
Photo via Wikimedia

Fingringhoe, in Essex, is a hidden gem for nature lovers. The Fingringhoe Wick Nature Reserve is an expansive sanctuary teeming with birdlife. Boardwalk trails meander through salt marshes, offering an immersive wildlife experience. Aside from birds, the reserve also sees seasonal flowers, making it a colourful spectacle in spring and summer.

The Grand Finale: Shitterton and Ass Hill

The Shitterton Sign
Photo via Wikimedia

Shitterton, despite its eyebrow-raising name, is steeped in history. Nestled in Dorset, its history dates back to the Domesday Book. Stone cottages and a bubbling brook paint a picture of quintessential rural England. Not too far, Ass Hill in Somerset, surrounded by rolling hills and traditional farmland, is a testament to the quirky charm of English place names.


This extended road trip promises not just bouts of laughter, but also an immersion into the diverse and stunning landscapes of the UK. Each destination, with its peculiar name, hides layers of history, culture, and natural beauty waiting to be unraveled. Prepare for a journey filled with joy, wonder, and countless memorable moments.

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